early show

It’s 2am. I’m awake. Got a meeting downtown at 8am and I’m not going to oversleep. I’ve already slept 5 hours tonight. Dreamed that I broke off a tooth, and it had wooden roots.

Been doing PLM development hot and heavy for weeks now, and there’s no break on the horizon.

Went to church at St. Joseph the Worker last Saturday. It was their 50th anniversary as a parish. Lots of Vietnamese and hispanic people there now, which is neat. They sing stuff in Vietnamese. Sounds funny. Anyway, I remember feeling very sorry for all those people. The rituals that bind them together and comfort them also blind them and fetter them. Knowledge is a frightful and terrible thing, but Faith will enslave you. The thing that bothers me the most is all the evil crap that gets tied into all the good parts. I agree that it’s good to be nice to others and that violence sucks, but the Bible has mixed opinions on the subject. Interesting that no modern church focuses on the war and killing in the scriptures, but it’s all in there. You should read it for yourself sometime, and think about what you’re reading!

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coming back to life?

Last night I found out my dad has colon cancer. I’m not worried though. I’ve always known he’d die of heart disease, and a little colon cancer isn’t going to get in the way of heart disease. Still, you know what they say: “Everyone dies of cancer, unless something else kills them first.”

I’ve been spending most of my free time playing WoW, though I’ve been especially careful to always take care of work first. I’ve started getting back to guitar playing every day. I may even be getting tired of WoW, though I still play it. It’s an addiction.

Tonight is the release of a new experiment we’re making. Testing algebra transformation recognition skills in high school kids, and seeing which of our approaches results in better learning (faster/more accurate/least drudgery). I’m ironing out the last kinks right now, and it’s compiling while I’m writing.

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You know, it sucks when your character dies to mobs for whom you receive no xp for killing. It’s embarrassing. :(

So yeah, I played a lot of WoW this weekend. I also saw the latest Harry Potter movie. Quick review: good but poor flow. Oh, and Hermione was whiny and (true to the books) Harry and Ron were jerks. I also thought the parallel between the Death Eaters and the KKK was a bit overdone, and Dumbledore’s violent attack on Harry was also too much. Still, for all that, it wasn’t too bad.

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back at work

My first week of work in 2006 has gone very well. I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish, and with less effort than expected.

My mornings and evenings are crammed full of World of Warcraft, though I must admit I’m becoming fatigued. It’s going pretty well, but I’m already looking into ways to include programming in my WoW experience.

The big news is that Sangeeta is about 6 months into her pregnancy. The baby keeps kicking her, and if you put your hand on her tummy, she’ll kick you too!

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back to Nepal

Sangeeta’s dad arrived back in Kathmandu today, tired because he couldn’t sleep on the plane. I’m glad he made it safe and sound.

Last night was a nice quiet night at home. Happy New Year!

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