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Flight From Death – The Quest For Immortality

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Flight From Death – The Quest For Immortality is a deep look at how apprehension about our own mortality motivates us as individuals and in our various human cultures.

John Cleese on Creativity – YouTube

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

John Cleese on Creativity – YouTube. This is a very entertaining and informative lecture on how to be creative (and how to prevent your subordinates from becoming creative and threatening your monopoly on creativity).

back in the Navy again

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Last night was awful. I dreamed I was called back into the Navy. Our ship was being sent back to the Persian Gulf, manned by all the guys who served there with me 25 years ago. All the old nightmares were reawakened. I was written up for not wearing my ID card, and was then issued an ID card. Then I was cited for having the wrong ID card, and was issued 2 ID cards, but the “valid” one had someone else’s name on it, and the one with my name had random incorrect information. Then I found out we were being sent out so that the Navy could test one of it’s nuclear torpedoes on our ship, and then they could blame Iran for the attack and we’d have ourselves our next excuse to go to war.

I woke up several times from this dream (I think) only to go back to sleep and slip right back into it. When morning came, I felt deeply awful. I’m still trying to feel better, but the despair lingers.