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Staph infection

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Got a staph infection in my nose, as well as an unidentified rash in my left armpit. Legacy of Nepal, no doubt. Got me depressed.

805BJJ Class 32: no-gi guillotine choke

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Third class in 4 months, right? Teaching the class today was Cody, who’s a beefy brown belt. We did a pretty standard warm-up with shrimps, rolls, and hip walks. Then we got into the guillotine drills.

I teamed up with Jarred for the whole class. Starting with arm-in guillotine as a response to a take-down attempt. They key there was to dip the wrapping arm’s shoulder down to shrink the space. Then we went to arm-in guillotine as a response to a half-guard sweep attempt. I kept having trouble getting the arm to go in, because Jarred was using it across my neck for the sweep.

At last we got to arm-free guillotine, which lets you take that wrapping arm’s hand and pull it up with your other hand, lock the pulling arm’s elbow and forearm over the back of the choke-ee, and that’s a wrap. Still tuck your shoulder down over the wrapping arm, but that pulling arm locked over the back is the killer.

I left early before I got my picture taken.

Krav Maga Class 80: focus mitts, kicks, simultaneous attacks front and rear

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

TJ’s back, and he taught the Saturday morning class. Warm up was the usual shadow boxing and shoulder tag, but we also added in calisthenics like 20 push ups and 30 squats. Had some all-on-one shoulder tag as well. Then stretching, then focus mitts.

Focus mitts were jab, slip, hook, knee to start, then jab, slip, hook, liver shot, cross. Or something like that. Then we swapped out the left focus mitt for a kick shield, and did jab + round kick combos. We even practiced simultaneous punch + kick front/back.

Krav Maga Class 79: inside defenses, mixed mitts work, push kick, downward knife defense

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Christian taught this class, and it started with mouth guards in. We paired up and punched each other slowly, relying on our inside defenses to keep us from contact to our vulnerable areas. Jeff reminded me implicitly that I need to make my abdomen shorter while in my fighting stance, because he hit me in the stomach several times, and my elbows did not extend low enough for the inside defense to block them.

We added focus mitts to this little process, and it was hectic. I ended up briefly in a 3-way group with a guy named Matt, whose mouthpiece was so big he could not talk at all.

After that, we got kick shields and did front kicks with ball of foot. First from fighting stance, then from neutral stance, then from neutral against an advancing opponent.

Finally we did defense against downward knife stab. 360 block while simultaneously punching, slide the blocking hand to a wrist grab and keep it pressed behind their back, establish standing side control and deliver knees and groin kicks, then turn the knife under, in front, and towards their body, wrapping their wrist forward towards their chest, and using that leverage to disarm the knife.

Krav Maga Class 78: Circuit, multi-punch combos on focus mitts, two kick combos, punch defenses, gun from behind

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Christian taught my first class back after an absence of over a month. I was very apprehensive, feeling out of shape and weak. My few short attempts at exercise have resulted in a tweaked back, so I’m expecting an avalanche of pain. But my previous injuries have mostly healed overPeople were generally glad to see me after my long break.

Christian had us pull out a heavy bag, a medicine ball, a kettle bell, a jump rope, and a kick shield. We then started class and got busy on the equipment. We were throwing odd combinations of punches, which I felt super awkward throwing. 2 straights, 2 hooks, and 2 upper cuts. Then jump rope, then left straight, hook, upper cut, followed by right straight, hook, and upper cut, then back to the left. AWKWARD! Anyway, jumped more rope, then … blablablah. It sucked. I hurt my toe trying to climb the heavy bag with my feet while my hands were on the ground. Ouch.

We stretched, then gloved up and did multi-punch combos with focus mitts. Jab, slip, cross, liver punch for the first round, then jab, slip, cross, liver punch, hook, elbow strike, and pivot.

Then we got a tombstone and did 2 kick combos. Left groin kick and right round kick, then right groin kick and left round kick. Next combo left push kick right round kick, right push kick left round kick.

Did some inside defenses and 360 defenses. Hurt my left thumb a little on this one.

Did gun from behind. I accidentally elbowed Ronnie in the face.