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Monday, April 24th, 2006

A couple people have contacted me via myspace when they, much to their surprise, noticed I had a page there. I don’t use it much. Most of the friend requests I get are spam or random so I delete them.

We had a baby shower yesterday. It was fun but now I’m tired and sore. I can imagine how my mom feels. She set the whole thing up. Not only that, but while moving some baby furniture she tripped and fell. Smacked her head on the floor, injured her back, and had the furniture land on her too. Then she got back up and kept working, saying that it hurt to sit down so she had to keep standing. I do hope she’s okay.

Lots of my old friends showed up, and I was ecstatic to see them. I was the only male at the shower but it didn’t really bother me as you might expect it would have.

I’m also not too frightened about becoming a father, even though I’ve got almost zero experience with children. I can’t do worse than some people I’ve seen on Springer, can I? Nah, I think I’ll learn to be good at it. I’m not a violent asshole most of the time, and I’m pretty good at suppressing those tendencies when they try to surface.

I’m back

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

After a long and tedious absence, I have returned to the blogosphere. So, yesterday I worked on my programming all day. Today I realized that all the work I did all week was still not enough to address the stability problem we’ve been having. So it’s back to the drawing board for me.

I guess I can tell you all about my eye surgery. It went great! Took two weeks to recover, and that meant keeping my eyes covered when I slept or showered, sleeping only on my back, and using medications that kept my eyes crusty and gross. Oh yeah, and I couldn’t touch my face anywhere around my eyes. But now things are back to normal, except that I don’t need glasses at all. It’s pretty cool. :)

My dad is home again from the hospital. He’s got a pump that pushes his IV liquids into him to try to get his kidneys working right. My mom says he seems to be getting better. :)

Got dentist appointments today. Sangeeta had hers this morning and mine’s this afternoon.