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Movie Review – Live Free or Die Hard

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Holy shit, what a terrible movie! The movie physics were so stupid it wasn’t even fun for me. I liked the hacker kid character, though. He was pretty cool. :)

“Live Free or Die Hard” on


Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The day after Thanksgiving, my cold really kicked in. It still wasn’t too unpleasant, but I knew it was coming hard. It served me warning. I relaxed.

On Saturday SHAZAAM! My fucking skull almost exploded from the pressure. Mucous was filling every crevice in my head, and my skull felt like it was about to give out. The only thing that kept me from wallowing in extreme misery was watching movies, so I began a movie marathon.

Pink Floyd The Wall
A Beautiful Mind
Hot Tub Time Machine
Pineapple Express
District 9
Die Hard
Star Trek
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Lost in Translation
Tropic Thunder
Red State
My Neighbor Totoro
The Breakfast Club
Howl’s Moving Castle

The congestion became worse at night, and when I’d lie down I’d immediately convulse with coughing fits. That meant no sleep for about 4 days, so I watched most of those movies at night instead of sleeping. Not that sleep was even possible. When I got too exhausted to cough, I’d sleep for a couple hours and then spend a half hour trying to clear my lungs.

If I weren’t so fat, I’d have the most amazing abs!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Today was the first time I’ve ever hosted a family Thanksgiving feast. It went better than I expected, except now that it’s over I’m exhausted, sore, and am coming down with the crud. Or, as some would call it, “The ‘itis”.

Quick recap of injuries I’m still trying to recover from: mid thoracic sprain, gout, plantar fasciitis, and a strained right quad. The real killer is the sprained back, which I think is the root cause of everything else bad that’s happening to me. It’s preventing me from doing regular exercise because it hurts when I breathe deeply. I’ve been doing physical therapy for the last month, but all they’ve managed to do for me is to make it hurt worse.

Scratching an itch through the scalp to the brain : The New Yorker

Friday, November 25th, 2011

This: Scratching an itch through the scalp to the brain : The New Yorker.