805BJJ Class 6: Guard Transitions, Butterfly Guard, Over-Under, Body Lock, Greco Wrestling

Tuesday morning. Calves and ankles still sore from last Sunday’s hike. Driving my rental car while mine’s being repaired in the shop. Lost my sunglasses. Already starting out to be a weird day.

But BJJ! I got there early and started warming up and stretching in the small room while the Krav Maga ALL class was happening on the big mat. Felt good.

Start of class, Christian moved me up to the head of the line and I had to do the “Doske Re” ceremony. Warm ups again but these were easy. I’m way better at shrimping than any of the other guys who did the warm up (Josh and Brandon). Another thing that felt good!

Christian started us out to do the guard manipulation drill again, but Mark saw our “Algebra Eyes” and decided to break it down into simpler parts because we clearly didn’t understand all the positions. So instead we focused on butterfly guard, and more specifically on the over/under grip (or body lock) that the seated person should achieve.

So we all stood up and practiced body locks, over/under, and pummeling. Then we had a nice little greco wrestly tournament where the 2 smallest people would go into the black area of the mat and, starting with body locks, try to push the other person out of the black area. I first got eliminated by Eric (new blue belt) and then I eliminated Chad (other blue belt), and then Chad eliminated me. It was fun.

Then we did situational rolling where we started in a butterfly guard position. I was almost always able to get to side control, but it’s probably because I outweigh every other person in that class. Except maybe Eric, who was crafty and big and strong and didn’t let me do much besides defend.

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