805BJJ Class 7: guard passing

After KM30 I was sweaty, but jumped right in for the line up and warm up in BJJ. Warm up went fine.

The first drill was using a kick shield to get the high side control knee slide under the upper arm, then transition around to the other side and do it the other way. Exhausting. We worked on leg grips (on the gi, inside or outside the knees) and then using that to pass guard into side control. Then we worked on breaking the closed guard, and then transitioning into the pass to side control.

The big thing I got from the class was how big a weight advantage I have over Jenn. She’s tiny, and I was able to pass her guard a lot. I used last Saturday’s technique of cross grip and arm grip, pull, scoot, and take the back. She didn’t give up her back but I did get side control a lot. She was really frustrated even though I went easy and didn’t crush her with all my 229 lbs. We stayed after class to talk to Christian about it, and she didn’t realize that it wasn’t all just muscle, and I was doing real sweeps and BJJ techniques. Hope she doesn’t blame me for all her frustrations.

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