805BJJ Class 170: wiper/scoop side control escape, light rolling

With great apprehension, I prepared and drove in to class on this Tuesday morning. I’d been out for a month and a half. My body was complaining that it wasn’t ready yet. I had a headache. My back was cramping. My muscles were stiff and weak and my joints were brittle. I went anyway.

Walking in, I was greeted by the same old crowd I remembered. Christian, Jeremy, Cosmo, Chris, Mike, Sergio. I dressed up and limped onto the mat. Mark came out and lent me a book he’d told me about: Bruce Lee, Chi, and Me. Said he thought of me when he read it, and suspected I’d enjoy it.

Mark promised to teach us some wrestling integration with BJJ, and that made all us fragile guys feel pretty nervous. But then he went on to tell us another way to get out from under side mount. First, he had us make space by windshield wipering our legs. Put your legs up and swing them side to side. From there you can fill the space with your leg and try to recover guard.

The other thing you can do from there is to scoot your frame to the far side of their body, hook them in the crook of your elbows, and as you swing your legs away from them you hoist them overhead to scoot yourself out, using your leg momentum to get out and up to your knees. I’ve been doing a similar escape since Summer (ghost escape) so it came easy to me.

Then we rolled. I did a light roll with Jeremy, and managed to execute the move of the day. Edifying.

After that, I took a couple rounds off and then rolled with Mike. I ended up teaching him some stuff to do from top side control and how to escape the mount. Then another round off and did a “light” roll with Cosmo. As soon as I get into a scramble with him, I get smashed. Got my neck tweaked, but not further injured (I hope).

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