slow recovery

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things. It’s been difficult.

Yesterday I had to get up early and go downtown for a project update meeting. So much pain for such little benefit. It destroyed my concentration for the rest of the day. I kept flitting from one thing to another every 2 minutes. I couldn’t even watch TV!

I’ve been reading up on relativity, quantum mechanics, and consciousness. I’m convinced that these all tie together nicely somehow but I haven’t been able to understand the mechanics of it just yet. One problem is that I don’t know how to describe consciousness in terms of physics. There’s something there though, probably in the temporal perception bit, that I believe will turn out to be central to a deep understanding of the nature of consciousness. I’ll keep thinking about it.

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Castor’s Wedding

I just got back from Indianapolis, where I saw my friend Castor make his wedding vows. It was a good trip: a bit of a vacation. Good to hang out with old friends 2000 miles away from work.

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Ed’s Wedding

I just spent the weekend driving up to San Francisco to attend the wedding of my good friend Ed and his beautiful new wife Charlin.

Got to see all my old friends from New Moon too: John, Liz, Sam, Leslie, Jason, Jon, and a bunch of other nice people I barely know. It was worth every second of the 12 hours of driving. ;)

I’ll be going back for Sam’s wedding next month. Should be fun. :)

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Finally, it’s June.

The weather’s lame, as is usual for June. “June gloom” they call it on TV.

It’s getting me down. I’m tired.

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