it’s been a while

Lots of things have been going on lately, but for the most part I haven’t felt like talking about them. I’m still a little reluctant but here goes anyway.

My dad’s still in the hospital. He wavers between getting worse and getting better. His latest setback happened last week when his kidneys stopped working. The doctors seem confident that they can get them functioning properly again but if they fail then it’s dialysis for the old man.

I was scheduled for laser eye surgery today but I’ve postponed it until Friday. Too much else is going on right now for that. And besides, I forgot to take the recimmended antibiotics for 2 days prior to surgery.

Sangeeta has a toothache and needs bone grafting treatment. She’s also getting heavy with child, and that wears her out.

The baby moves a lot! She sometimes pushes really hard on Sangeeta’s tummy, like she’s trying to stand up in there. Other times she jumps and you can see Sangeeta’s whole body sway slightly. I can’t wait to meet her in person. We’re thinking of naming her Saranya.

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dad in hospital

My dad has been in the hospital for a week now. He went in for an operation to remove his cancerous colon, but 3 days after that he developed intense pain and it turned out that the intestine didn’t heal and instead it started leaking. They rushed him back to surgery, and when he got out he was insane from the pain meds. He kept insulting everyone, threatening everyone, trying to get out and tearing the tubes and monitors from his body. It was crazy.

In the middle of Friday he seemed to calm down a bit, and he was making jokes. He kept forgetting he was in the hospital, and he’d repeatedly try to get out of bed to get something. Sometimes he’d get angry when he was restrained, and he’d put up a pretty good fight for a guy with a belly wound. He also saw magic ants walking around the hospital room, as well as mysterious brown hair floating in midair.

Sometime on Friday evening he began to vomit up black bile and choke on it. He had removed the suction tube and the nurses never bothered to put it back, so when they did it sucked out over 2 quarts of the stuff!

By Sunday he was unintelligible. You could barely make out some of the words he was trying to say. His tongue looked like a scabby red slug. He was constantly fidgeting, fussing with his tubes and his clothes and covers. His fingers were rubbed raw. It was an awful sight, and we didn’t know if he’d survive or not.

PS. Today (Monday) I hear that he’s lucid and calm again, and getting better. I’m so relieved!

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I had a very strange and disturbing dream last night.

It started documentary style. I was on a team expedition, wading through a tidal swamp with a lot of wrecked wooden ships protruding from the water. Suddenly the tide started coming in and the water was rushing by so fast it made the ships look like they were under full propulsion. We were nearly swept away!

Anyway, back at camp we were getting ready to brace for a huge thunderstorm when they discovered the body of their project supervisor, dessicated and charred, with an old fashioned hockey mask over his face. He was also wearing a white jumpsuit, but it looked like his body had dried up inside it and left it mostly empty. I could smell the disgusting odour of charred flesh, and I wondered how long the body had been in the tanning bed. When they went to get a closer look, he woke up and started to move groggily. They removed the mask to reveal that his face was blackened horribly. It was ghastly. He was obviously dazed and didn’t know what had happened to him, asking “what’s the matter?” When his crew held up a mirror so he could see his face, he stared uncomprehendingly for a minute before reaching up to feel the damage with his own hands.

Some of the charcoal rubbed off on his fingers.

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