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805BJJ Class 60: Ouchi Gari and Kouchi Gari, randori, over-under pass, rolling

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

I took my gi in to the tailor’s shop on Saturday to have the 805 patch re-attached after Dave ripped it loose last week. It was supposed to be ready for me this morning, but when I went to pick it up, it was still on the TODO rack. Oops. I raced home and pulled out my old (too-small) gi from the UCLA course I took back in 2011. The sleeves are too short and it barely covers my belly. Anyway, I got Costco gas and still made it to class 30 minutes early. Time enough to warm up and socialize as others strolled in. Also time to try the Defense foam that Christian got. I dispensed way too much and had it all over everything for a while until I managed to rub it into all my exposed skin. Then I practiced my rolling break falls in the back room. Getting better!

When 11am came, Krav Maga moved into the small room and all us pajama-wearing folk lined up in the big room and bowed in before Greggo got us running, shuffling, shrimping, and doing somersaults and break falls. Then Christian went through his standard of joint mobility movements to get us loosened up before lessons.

First lesson was Ouchi Gari – major reap. Also known as an inside trip. You pull your opponent forward so their weight is on their front (let’s say left in this example) leg, then shuffle in to get your right leg behind their left leg, turn them with their gi, and lean on them with your shoulder, tripping them down.

Second lesson was Kouchi Gari – minor reap. Suppose they see the first one coming and move their foot back? Well, now all their weight is on the other foot, and you can scoot that back with your left foot as you push them forward and they go down.

Then we did a randori of non-stop 1-minute rounds. I defended every takedown attempt in every round, even against Christian and Greggo (twice). However, I also did not land any takedowns of my own, so that’s the balancing negative.

Then we had an awkward lesson about over-under guard passing from the knees, going either way. But Christian only showed one way (the front way).

I rolled with Dave first and we had a good battle.

I rolled with Cowboy and I kimura’d him. Then he baseball bat choked me. Good fight.

I rolled with Cosmo and gassed with 1 minute left. However, before that I established deep half guard and got a sweep on him! The youtube lessons paid off!

805BJJ Class 59: no-gi grips and handles, brief rolling

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Coach Mark told us to leave off our gi tops and just wear the rash guards. I suited up in time to bow into the class after doing Krav immediately prior. No time to sweep the mat, so it was filthy.

We did a good warm up. I was already warm but not tired. I ate one of Sangeeta’s caramel goo energy gel packets, and it powered me pretty well through the warm up. My rolls were pretty good, and so were my break falls. I’m getting better!

Finally the warm up was over and we circled around for the lesson, which was all about how to get grips when you’re not wearing the gi. Neck hook on the ear, overhooks and underhooks and foot hooks. We also learned a no-gi butterfly sweep. This went on for a long long time. Over an hour.

I had 2 rolls at the end – both with John. He tapped me with a guillotine and a neck crank from inside my guard, which I had defended twice before but that time he just nailed me with it.

805BJJ Class 58: upa, rolling

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

I got to class very early, like 25 minutes early. Krav Maga day class was doing round kicks. I changed and took over room 2 to warm up and practice my rolls. Got kicked out 5 minutes before BJJ class. Felt I got better.

Greggo started the warm up because Mark was going to be 5 minutes late. We did a long warm up, including lots of running and lots of rolling. Near the end of it, Mark tells Greggo “Teach them upa.” so he did.

The big new upa tip I learned today was to shrimp a little to pull your head away from the shoulder you’re rolling over, because it facilitates the roll. When you come up, stay tight and control the arms, otherwise you could get punched or (more likely in a BJJ setting) arm barred. We also practiced it from when the top person has a collar grip already, which stays dangerous the whole time you’re rolling them.

Just like that, we were ready to roll. I started rolling with Matt, and he’s gotten a lot better. I was able to do better under his half guard, including a successful sweep. I found I’d forgotten how to take the back reliably from top turtle, and forgot how to choke from there too. Got to brush up on that!

Next I rolled with Phil. He kept trying to get a baseball bat choke from bottom side control, and it really limited my options on top. That’s something I need to research, for sure.

After that I tried to roll with Andrew, but he was snapped up by Christian, so instead I rolled with Cowboy Josh. I was able to get on top of him and stay there the whole round, but he kept trying to gi choke me from kesa gatame bottom. He didn’t, but I had to stay heavy on him, and it really saved his hand from the arm bars and Americana attacks I usually go for from there.

Next round I tried again to roll with Andrew, but coach Greggo snapped me up instead. He wanted me to start in mount, and he fed me a collar grip. I stayed on top, locked in a choke, lost position, and ended up trying to choke him while I was standing and gripping his neck/collar between my legs and behind my back. Before I got dumped on my face, I let go. “Position before submission.” I sighed. He told me that I should have sat down on him to keep the pressure and finish the choke. Next round started with me mounted again. He tried upa and I switched to S-mount. He shrimped out and stood up, so I tried de la Riva guard. He coached me on how to tip him over with it. I got side control and locked up a kimura, which he fought for a bit before finally tapping. We restarted neutral, and he was entangling my legs when the round ended.

After that I took a round off and rested. The following round I again went with Matt, and we had another good roll.

Last round was with Dave, who was exhausted after rolling with all 3 black belts, and only having 1.5 hours of sleep last night. I was able to pretty much dominate him – he didn’t have energy to fight. I was able to mount, stuff the upa, and sink a collar choke for the tap. Poor Dave. He’s really good, he just ran out of gas today. At one point, he tore the 805BJJ patch off the back of my gi. Gotta get that fixed!

805BJJ Class 57: fireman’s carry takedown, randori, de la riva guard, rolling, rash guards

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

I left the house today and got onto the freeway just as I realized I forgot my mouthguard. Oops. Turned around and went home to fetch it.

Still made it to class on time. Early enough to change and watch the end of TJ’s Krav Maga class. After they cleared off the mat, we got on and lined up. Class started with a breathing instruction. In through the nose, out through the mouth. We did some running, interspersed with partner grip finding, then grip fighting.

First technique of the day was the fireman’s carry takedown. From the standard judo grip, take the overhook on the steering hand, push your partner back, and when they push forward to recover, you duck under the overhooked arm (keeping it tight to your body) at the same time your opposite side leg kneels and you duck your head under their arm pit and reach down and underhook their leg. Then, you stick out your overhook-side leg and rotate your upper body over it, taking your opponent over with you, and you end up on top in side control.

I drilled the takedown with Greggo, and accidentally got my eyeball scraped. I was so awkward. It was terrible.

After that, we got into randori. I survived against Aaron and Matt, getting them to turtle after failing takedowns. Greggo might have gotten me down once but I got a good sprawl on his single and stayed up. Sean launched a 5-throw combo that ended with me crashing down into the ground. Very impressive! Cosmo and I mostly stalemated, though I did end up on the back of his turtle. I wasn’t trying many takedowns, actually. At the last, I went vs. Ashish, and I was able to turn his osotogari and just push him over, and I ended the randori with a fireman’s carry takedown just like we did in drills!

Then it was back to the classroom, where we learned the de la Riva guard and a basic sweep from that guard. I practiced it with Christian, and it was pretty easy. The hardest part was getting into that guard, wrapping my big left foot with the sore big toe around the forward leg. Not fun!

After that, we rolled.

Who did I roll with?
Cosmo – heavy on top but I survived
Matt – good top half guard and good bottom side control. I submitted him with an Americana after a very slow tightening.
TJ – I stayed in his guard for about 4 minutes before getting bored and letting him arm bar me. Then he almost passed my guard but I swept him.
Sean – I got mounted and arm triangled, tapping early. He was surprised I tapped, but I realized he’d passed all my defenses and I wasn’t getting out.
Cosmo – we were both tired and he ended up on top, being hard to move off
Aaron – we flowed at about 30% and it was a good recovery round while he was having heart problems

After class I bought the new 805BJJ rash guard (size XXL) and also got one for Saranya, to gift her on her birthday (so don’t tell her!)

805BJJ Class 56: bottom roadmap, active transitions from closed guard, rolling

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

I came in feeling structurally unsound. I remembered my knee pads at least. Tested that out early, and the knee seemed fine. I started warming up on the small mat until Christian took the Krav Maga class in there. After that, I swept the big mat until Greggo started the class with a running warm up, then shrimps across the mat, then reverse shrimps, then somersaults, then fall breaks, then shoulder rolls.

After that, Christian suited up and had us do the transitions from side control bottom to half guard to open (butterfly) guard to full guard, then back to butterfly guard, then back to half guard on the other side and let the top person pass to side control. I don’t yet have a reflex to grab the underhook in half guard, but I was able to do the transitions pretty well. EDIT: I met Archie again, but kept forgetting his name! I kept thinking “Aaron, Andrew, A…” but couldn’t come up with “Archie” until it finally popped back into my head the next morning.

The next drill was to go from closed guard to open guard with feet on the hips and gi grips. I did this okay but was not good at scooting my own butt back so that it was behind my own shoulders. I need to work on this.

The last drill was to go from closed guard to half guard before your opponent opened your closed guard. I ended up working on this a lot during the subsequent rolls, and I discovered that I really suck at half guard.

Anyway, rolls. Started rolling against TJ and he tapped me about 3 times with some arm bar submissions he learned last Sunday at the JJ seminar. Humbling.

Next roll was with Cosmo, who tapped me with an Americana from side control top (I maneuvered him from half guard to side control with a stupid improvised technique that turned out to be a bad idea) and a Kimura from half guard bottom. He also cracked my neck with a cross face, and surprisingly my neck felt better leaving than when I went in! Hope it stays better!

I sat out the round after that, then came back and rolled with Matt, who I tried real hard to gi choke off the jump, but gave up when he didn’t tap. That gassed me out, and I ended up on side control bottom with no energy to move at all.

Last roll was with Dave, and that was a fun one. We each got sweeps, and I almost finished an arm bar on him from mount, but he wiggled out. I need to establish my control of the arm a little earlier and a little better in the future.

805 rash guards are coming in tomorrow!

805BJJ Class 55: osotogari, randori, arm bar, roll

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Dragged myself in a little early because I felt very crappy, but wanted to train anyway. When I got there, I realized that I forgot my knee pads. I warmed up in the small room until Christian took the Krav class in there and kicked us out onto the main mat. Chris and I did some light rolling before class to sort of warm up. He complimented me on my good defense, and impressed me with his variety of attacks from below. He helped me clean up my bow and arrow choke, which I sunk for the first time on him.

Class started, and Greggo warmed us up by running us around the mat. We warmed up until the Krav folks got changed and joined the class. Then Christian taught us Osotogari, and a cheating hopping version. It’s very difficult to execute successfully. We did about 15 1-minute rounds of randori (takedown sparring) and I didn’t hit it once. I got a couple decent takedowns (mostly on Matt) and I got taken down a few times (once spectacularly by Matt, with a hip toss) and mostly I defended myself pretty well. I did try a few single leg takedowns, and bruised my knee on the mat (no knee pads).

Then we did arm bar drills. I teamed up with Dave, and my key insight was that I need to locate my pelvis at the elbow of the arm to be barred. Also, keep your stepping-up knee close to the controlled arm.

Then we rolled.

I rolled with Dave first. My knee was keeping me on my back, and I tapped to a kimura that I couldn’t defend without hurting my knee worse. Other than that, I did alright. Maintained guard longer than I used to.

I rolled with Aaron next. I did some good guard stuff. Stayed very active, broke his posture, and tried attacking with sweeps, but was rebuffed by my bruised knee. I sat out the last round with ice on my knee, then changed and went home. Nobody bowed out of class. TJ and Greggo were left on the mat, going over techniques, when I left.

805BJJ Class 54: arm bar drills, 45 minutes of rolling, 2nd stripe

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Woke up Thursday feeling a tiny bit sore since Tuesday’s class, but not too bad. Went early to get gas at Costco.

Coach Mark came, but his knee was messed up so Greggo taught most of the class. After warm up, we did the alternating arm bar spins drill, then arm bar from the guard finishes, then sweep arm bar, then triangles. Then we rolled.

First roll was Cosmo, who got straight from the knees to side control and smashed me. I kept trying to recover guard but he persisted really well, eventually tapping me from pressure.

Next roll was with Phil. I jumped onto his back and was doing alright, but he got me in a kimura grip and was able to use that to get back to guard, and the round ended before he could turn it into a finish. Coach Mark admired his use of that grip. He said I looked good and had lost weight. I maybe lost some fat, but the scale still reads 227.8 lbs. or so.

Next roll was with Dave. He asked what weight class I was in. I told him the 227 number was without the gi, but lean I’d probably be about 175 lbs. He said that was the same as him – he used to weigh 225 lbs. but he’s dieted down to 178 lbs. now. He had a strained back, and our roll started out in unlit territory (I had him in my butterfly guard) and I was thinking of flipping him over his head but didn’t because I didn’t know if it would hurt him. Anyway, I eventually got on top and threatened attacks until the end of the round.

Next roll was with Cosmo again. He again got me down and straight into side control. He again started crushing me mercilessly. But this time he made a mistake in going for a submission, and I got on top and into side control. I then crushed him mercilessly. It eventually forced him to turn away, and I was able to get mount. He tried a collar choke from below, and I was pursuing submissions until the end of the round.

I took the next roll off and talked with Chris a little bit. Then we rolled during the next slot. He started in seated guard, and was able to sweep me and submit me pretty quickly. Then I was able to push him down and throw his feet to the side, and we fought for side control until the end of the round.

At the end of class we did 80 crunches, lined up, and I was awarded my 2nd stripe on my white belt. The first stripe took me 21 classes, and the 2nd one took me 33 classes. At this rate, I should be a blue belt in another 2 years.

805BJJ Class 53: guard attacks on pass attempts, rolling

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Coming back from a week and a half off felt pretty good. Warm ups were so easy that I barely broke a sweat. Just slow motion guard passing. Once all the slowpokes from Krav suited up (TJ and Aaron) we bowed in and got right into closed guard pass defenses stemming from the elbow seam grip.

If your opponent is in your closed guard and they move their knees to start to open your guard, that’s when you get your chance to sweep them. Pull their elbow down toward the ground and pinch them with your knees to scissor them over toward your elbow-grip hand. Once you’ve got them going over, separate your feet to continue the scissor and end up in mount.

If your opponent bases up on one foot (away from the elbow) you can (again) pull them down with the elbow grip while turning to underhook their posted leg, pulling them down onto your hamstring. You can then pendulum them over and mount them.

If your opponent stands up and lifts your hips up, you can lower yourself and then sharply pull them down with your closed guard legs and the elbow grip to break their posture. Then you can overhook their foot (away from your elbow grip) and lever them down as you come on top.

After we drilled those things (I didn’t get a chance to drill the knee pass scissor) we rolled, starting from guard. I started with Aaron, who had a hurt neck and was going 50%. I refrained from grabbing his neck. Easy roll. Focused on technique and base rather than winning, and it set the tone for the whole day.

Then I rolled with TJ, who had a tweaked back. He passed my guard and tried to get me in a crucifix, but I kept getting my arm out. He thought I’d seen the technique before but I just knew my arm was in peril and brought it back to safety.

I rolled with Rick next, and was immediately uncomfortable in his butterfly guard. I again took a measured approach, and only got tapped out 2 or 3 times.

Then I rolled with Greggo, and he walked me through an arm bar.

Next was Dave, who I was able to almost finish with an arm bar (he escaped), and again almost finish at the end with a collar choke. He coached me on the finish but we ran out of time.

At the end I rolled with Ryan, and though I went easy on him, I was able to dismantle him. He was so dead tired, and had no technique, so he was basically a talking grappling dummy.

I got out of the class feeling pretty good, with no serious injuries.

805BJJ Class 52: arm bar warmup, basic guard pass to kesa gatame, single leg takedown drills, roll, ou(ch)t

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Got on the mat and bowed in with coach Greggo, anticipating coach Mark would arrive and take over the class. We warmed up doing alternating guard arm bar swings. Wheee!

Mark didn’t show, so Christian suited up and taught us the very basics of guard passing and posture.

Basic guard posture involves squeezing your legs next to the bottom person’s hips. Grip the lapels and take off the slack to minimize your opponent’s ability to move. Your other hand should find the hip bone, and line up the elbow with their thigh bone. Christian had the bottom person test the top person’s base stability.

Breaking the guard involves keeping the hips on the ground, getting a knee into the butt while you shift your base to one side, then bending your back to extend it and break open the guard. I should have mentioned that the hand you have on the chest is on the same side as the leg you move in to anchor the butt.

From there, you raise your butt-knee off the mat, press the hip-hand-side leg down as you staple it down with the butt-knee. Then you pass the stapled leg, going for an underhook on the far side, lift the close side arm and slide the stapling leg through to kesa gatame.

After practicing that for a bit, we went to the small room to practice the sweep single leg takedown on the wrestling dummies. One of them punched me in the face and left a mark. Anyway, the takedown involves pulling down from the grip and holding them bent over while you do a drop step to the outside, elbow hook one knee, turn 90 degrees into them with your head touching their torso, get back to your feet and drive through them to finish the takedown. You can also turn them more to get them off balance and finish the takedown.

Then we did takedown sparring, which I loved. I took Dave down with a sacrifice throw, and I almost got the single leg of the day on a couple people. Not quite, though.

Regular rolling started thereafter. I rolled with Dave first, and told him my rib was sensitive, so if it hurt I’d just tap. He went easy on me, but it was just too painful to continue. I sat out most of the rolls thereafter.

805BJJ Class 51: mount escapes, rolling

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Feeling fragile and apprehensive, I came into the studio a little early. Christian was sitting at the desk and reminded me about the women’s self defense seminar on Sunday. TJ was teaching Krav and they were doing light sparring with a 2-on-1 component. Very entertaining. I had planned on doing some warm ups on my own, but this was too interesting to look away from. Dave, Andrew, and Josh were putting on a show. During this, Christian came over and explained his lesson plan ideas to Greggo. Eventually, the Krav class lined up and bowed out, and we hurried onto the mat and lined up.

Our warm up was technical upa mount escapes followed by sloppy guard passes to mount. It was a good warm up, and gave me some excellent practice at an escape that I’ve done successfully in the past but not slowly or technically.

The next drill was guard recovery from mount. Getting the mount low over the hips, framing with the elbow, getting your legs inside the feet of the mounter so they can’t hook on, and either get a butterfly hook or an outside hook to recover guard. It was complicated and ugly, and both Christian and Greggo struggled to articulate how they decided when to switch from one mount escape technique to the other.

Then we rolled. Every roll was to start from the mount.

I started with Victor, and I did well. We both survived. He’s getting better. I could still tap him though.

Next I rolled with newly minted blue belt Dave. He started on top and I managed to sweep him, pass his guard, and mount him. I think. All I remember from that roll was attacking him with arm bars, Americanas, etc. The gi grip was the trigger for the upa sweep in the drills, so I only threatened that grip to open other things. I stayed on top for the rest of the roll, and Dave complimented me on my top control.

Next I rolled with Andrew, and that was hard. He got me in kesa gatame and crushed my ribs until I tapped from his pressure. Ouch! But I seem to be okay afterward. Other than that, I held my own against him. He had good defense once I was mounted, and I got too attached to the grip so he upa’d me just like I wouldn’t let Dave do. D’oh!

After that I rolled with TJ. He’s got a very good guard, especially against a tired old man like me. Unfortunately for him, he got a cramp and had to abandon the roll just as he was about to lock in an arm bar. I didn’t feel I did very good against him, as he was able to break me down in his guard pretty reliably.

The last roll, I again was paired up with Victor. He started on top, I recovered guard and got him in an arm bar. Then he started on bottom and I got him in an Americana and an arm bar and a gi choke. We were both so tired.