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805BJJ Class 79: separating an arm from north-south, kimura, arm bar, rolling, 4th stripe

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

My 2nd class back in BJJ. Lots of Mark talking. We did a typical warm up, then congrats to Cosmo for helping with Stranger Danger yesterday, then a quick, light, warm-up roll with Matt (who is also a 3 stripe white belt like me).

After that, coach Mark called out Colt to challenge for blue belt. He paired him up with blue belt Dave, and they went at it for 6 minutes. Colt had just come back from Texas, where he was helping people recover from the flood there, so he was not in top form, but he survived for 6 minutes. Then he was immediately paired with Andrew, who submitted him from kesa gatame with an Americana. Colt will be able to challenge again next Tuesday for blue belt.

Greggo taught us how to scoop up an arm from north-south, with heavy chest pressure pushing them over while windshield wipering your arm under their elbow. Get a monkey figure 4 grip on that arm, then step over the head to kneel with your junk teabagging them. Step your back foot up to keep them tipped on their side, and at the same time clamp their upper arm to your chest and deadlift their arm up. If they’re holding their belt and won’t let the arm up, you can get more leverage by sitting on their head and leaning back for the arm bar.

Then we rolled. I started with Matt, and we had a competitive roll. I jammed my right big toe on the mat, however, and it aches. I just had that thing fixed, and now I’m messing it up again already.

My next roll was with Dave, and I was able to get on top and keep attacking throughout.

Then I rolled with Colt, who started coaching me again on my guard pass. I was trying the standing pass as done by Rick, but I got the grips wrong, and he told me just fold his legs down and lean over for the pass. It normally doesn’t work that easy, but if he’s going to give it to me under the guise of coaching, so be it. So I got side control. He tried coaching me more, but I told him I was going for the move of the day, isolated his arm, and got to the part where you have to deadlift it, but he wouldn’t let go. I sat down for the arm bar but didn’t put enough pressure on his head and he was able to get his legs involved and the round ended with me inverted and holding his arm in that figure 4 monkey palm grip. Next time I will not leave so much space.

My last roll was with Andrew and his new blue belt. He tried to get me with the same takedown he used on Colt during the challenge, but I took his back, rubbing my ear all the way across the back of his gi. Coach Mark said “It’s good for you!” and I responded “Toughens up the cartillage!” Andrew and I then had a competitive round.

I went the whole class without being submitted, and threatening submissions of my own for most of the time. I was conserving my energy, using my weight to my advantage, and usually had pretty good awareness of my position. Even when Andrew or Matt was smashing me, I stayed calm and was usually able to sweep them.

After class, coach Mark awarded several people another stripe, including me! Also including Colt, which was funny. 6 stripe white belt is your coach’s way of telling you that you suck at BJJ. Haha! Anyway, 3 1/2 months, 16 classes since my 3rd stripe. The first stripe took me 21 classes, and the 2nd one took me 33 classes. At that rate, it would have taken me 44 classes to get my third stripe, but I did it in only 9 classes. At that rate, I would have gotten my 4th stripe in, er, well it’s hard to infer a rate from such an oscillating signal, but 3/63 is about one stripe per 21 classes, so 16 classes is faster than average. That second stripe was by far the most difficult.

Krav Maga Class 116: Saranya quits BJJ, epic warmup, epic tombstone punching, bob and counter, epic sparring, plank bananas to the end

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Today was the day that Saranya quit BJJ. I am disappoint.

Curtis’ Saturday morning class started with running. And more running. It felt like NASCAR. I was getting dizzy. We phased into shoulder tag, alternating with different exercises.

Once that was over, we partnered up and grabbed a tombstone pad. We did three rounds of straight punches or palm strikes alternating with flurries of the same. I paired with Eric Maas and we explored the limits of his cardio. We also discovered that my palm strikes are a lot harder than my punches, because I don’t need to stabilize my wrist or align my knuckles for palm strikes.

After we were both worn out, we got focus mitts and practiced bobbing under a right hook, then added a left hook counter, until we were almost dead.

Then we put on headgear and got down to sparring. 40-50% power. I started against Eric, and we both knocked each other’s heads around a bit. Then I paired up with Ray, and he got a lecture from Curtis about not just playing tag, but landing solid punches. After that I went against Calvin, Daniel, Richard, and Ivan. Saranya said I did pretty good, and against the smaller and less experienced guys, I did. However, I got chewed up by Eric and Ivan. I was able to hold my own against Eric for some of the time, but Ivan’s a lot better than me, and he staggered me with a body shot as I was getting too aggressive.

805BJJ Class 78: standing guard pass a la Rick, rolling

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

My first time back since my first time back! Two training sessions since June and it’s about time I got back into the gi and onto the mat. I knew the excuses would just get easier and easier if I didn’t go, so I just went. Almost forgot my mouth guard. Did forget my knee pads. Oh well.

Greggo taught this Thursday morning class. I guess he’d taught the material at last night’s class, so he decided to do it again for us since we hadn’t been there. It was a lot of the stuff that Rick had taught me in the past, about standing to open the guard, sitting low to freeze the free leg while elbow-to-knee framing on a deep step to freeze the other leg, grip the other leg side lapel, and then you can pass to either side.

Rolling went well for about 7 minutes. Then I ran out of energy and strength and I got submitted a couple times. Then Cowboy got his first blue belt stripe and it was over. I went home with sore obliques and a few mat burns on my feet and ankles.

805BJJ Class 77: rear bearhug defense, turtle to tripod to bearhug defense

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

My first class back since I separated my rib on July 4th. I was apprehensive. Came in a little early to warm up and test the rib on some rolls and shrimps and breakfalls in the back room, and it held together alright.

Warm up went okay, with a lecture about mentally imagining the utility of the shrimping drill in actual rolling situations (escaping side control or mount).

Then we got to the lesson of the day – getting up in a contested situation. It started as hand fighting from a rear bearhug. Grip the wrists/hands/fingers, push down to straight arm, push your hip forward to break the grip, grab the fingers, put one hand in your back pocket as you turn away from it. Your incoming elbow slices downward in front of their face to stop them from trying to tackle you.

Next was the whole system of how to get up there to do the hand fighting. From separated open guard, turn turtle and quickly jump up to tripod with your head up, then push up from your hands and base out to start hand fighting and turn to face your opponent.

805BJJ Veterans Seminar, broken rib

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Finally my Navy service gave me something I wanted – free access to a BJJ seminar on July 4th!

The first series of moves we learned were the fireman’s carry takedown to knee-on-belly, then following that up with a D’Arce when they try to push your knee off. Then you can finish it on the side, or by transitioning to mount, or if they push you over you can finish it in the closed guard. That’s as far as I got before, as I was being pushed over from mount, I rolled over my belt knot and broke my rib.

The rib popped when I was on top of Chris trying to choke him (right arm wrapped around his neck) and he rolled me over onto my back. The drill was to practice finishing the choke even if you get rolled onto your back like that, and I had just executed it correctly and was doing it again. The last time, however, I rolled over onto my belt knot and *pop*. It didn’t hurt, but it felt so weird! I could feel a protrusion under the skin of my lower right rib. I was very surprised and pulled off my gi to examine this oddity. TJ got me some ice and I sat down with that for a few minutes. I kept playing around with the rib to see if I could figure out what the separate pieces were, but it just felt like there was a bump on it. I could at least breathe normally. I could even breathe deeply with a little discomfort.

Then the adrenaline started to wear off…

Over the next few minutes, the pain started to build up. I decided that I should probably go to Urgent Care and get an xray, so I packed up my stuff and went to my car. Driving was painful, but not that bad. Jamming my messed up toe was probably 50x more painful, but it only lasted a minute before it got better. This was getting worse.

At the Urgent Care facility, I expected to have to wait for a while, but the place was empty of customers. I got straight in to the xray room. The doctor then talked to me before looking at my xray and telling me he thinks I cracked a rib. He asked if I wanted to see it, and of course I did, so we went into his office to the computer. On the bottom rib there was a dark line, which could be a crack or could be the shadow of my diaphragm. He said he’d send it to a radiologist to see what they thought, but that he thought it was broken.

I kind of think he’s wrong and that the rib just separated from the cartilage, but that might be wishful thinking. Recovery time for a separated rib can be half that for a broken rib.

805BJJ Class 76: reverse shrimp to escape side control bottom to turtle, with immediate knee tap takedown/pass, judo foot sweeps to arm bar

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

After KM109 I changed (with sore toe and all) and jumped into the running around backward line of the BJJ class that TJ was warming up. We then spread out and did the hula hoop and arm circles and such, then did shrimping.

Coach Mark interrupted the class after that to show us why we do cross over shrimping at all. It lets you ratchet out from under side control, get to turtle, and push through to the far knee to get a takedown.

Then we practiced judo foot sweeps, going backward and then going sideways. The sideways version we also learned to end with an arm bar. I hurt my toes twice on that crap. Then I quit and went home in shame.

805BJJ Class 75: butterfly guard arm drag sweep and closed guard pendulum sweep, rolling

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

I came in a few minutes early to warm up, but a few rounds of the small room turned my soles black, so I ended up sweeping the mat instead. Then the Krav Maga class moved outside so I swept the big mat.

Warm up went quick. My rolls were good. For the fall breaks, I did all left side for the practice.

Techniques were the butterfly guard setup to the arm drag. Cross collar and sleeve control, squeeze the knees while you open the guard, put the collar grip side leg on the ground (still pinching the knees) and hip out to put feet on the hips, push to sit up, put your non-gripping hand and the foot on that side on the mat so you can scoot your butt that way, put your other foot on the thigh above the knee, and pull the collar as you push the knee, dragging them down into the space you just scooted your butt out of. Continue to hold them down with the collar grip as you move onto their back.

The next variation we learned was to do a technical stand up from there, and maneuver right into wrapping their gi collar around their neck for a choke.

Then we learned the pendulum sweep from the closed guard. Take an elbow and knee grip with a high closed guard. Squeeze the knees and open the guard, putting the elbow-grip foot on the mat. Raise the knee-grip leg into the arm pit while lifting the knee and collapsing the false wall made by your other leg to perform the sweep.

Then we rolled. I started rolling with Christian, who was coming back from an injury. I managed to sweep him but then he swept me and got me with a paper cutter choke. He then explained that getting a near-side underhook is a bad idea, and if you get stuck that way, use that arm to block the bicep so they can’t get it under your shoulder.

Next was Tom, who’s still nursing a tweaked rib. He proceeded to hand me my ass with a couple of clock chokes (which I need to learn to defend better if I’m going to play turtle against him) and smashed me with knee-on-belly. Holy shit! He did not go easy despite his request to baby his rib. I was a bit surprised.

Then I rolled with Dave, got him in a solid kesa gatame eventually and didn’t let him out.

Next roll was Josh (cowboy). I tried a hip bump sweep but he posted his arm and stopped it. I jumped on it for a kimura and he protected it, so I finished the hip bump sweep and got on top of him. I did a slow and heavy guard pass to side control, but I kept removing the pressure and he’d start to recover guard. He told me to keep more pressure, which for sure is something I’m going to need to practice.

Last was Rick, who made me completely lose my Jiu Jitsu mind. I was in full chicken headed panic when he got on top of me, and he submitted me a bunch of times. Then he gave me some tips that I was too addled to absorb. That dude scares me stupid.

805BJJ Class 74: long warm up, scouting report on Renzo Gracie’s academy in NY, tip over sweep from butterfly, scoot and drag sweep from butterfly, rolling

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

I got to class about 30 minutes early to get warmed up. I took my time, with plenty of breaks to watch the Krav Maga folks sparring. Then Chris showed up and we did some light warm up sparring.

Class started with 15 minutes of warm up. It kept going and going. Then coach Mark sat us down and told us about his visit to the Renzo Gracie academy in NYC, where apparently they’re very aggressive, and the black belts stick around instead of starting their own academy because rent in NYC is so high (Renzo pays $40k/month to rent his 3-story training studio) and they’re skilled in judo and wrestling as well as BJJ.

Anyway, we finally got around to a technique. Butterfly guard, grab same-side collar and the other knee, tip over toward the knee grip while lifting the hook on the opposite side, and turn your hips over to secure side control.

We did a few refinements on that technique, then learned about another technique – hip scoot your butt away from your same-side collar grip, then put your foot on the knee as you pull the gi over to where you just scooted away from, then scramble onto the top of them.

First roll was with new guy Ryan. We did a warm up minute, and he wrecked my open guard. He had some good sweeps from the knees too. I impressed him with my turtle defenses. He arm barred me from mount.

Next roll was with Dave. Good back and forth.

Next was Dave’s friend Ryan, who I submitted with a paper cutter choke, and mostly was in teaching mode the whole time, talking through every move.

Last round was with Rick, who submitted me about 4 times. The last time I trapped him in his butterfly guard for over a minute before he kimura cartwheeled me and submitted me.

805BJJ Class 73: arm pit and sleeve control to arm bar or back take or lapel control sweep and submit

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Jumped on the mat after KM108 just in time for shrimping and rolls and fall breaks. I did well at those. Then Christian carried Saranya to the mat, and we got to the lesson, which started with a review of Wednesday night’s class, which was also reviewed on Thursday morning. A tight grip on the cross gi armpit gives you a lot of control over the shoulder and upper arm. From there, it’s relatively easy to lock up an arm bar or get to the back.

We also learned that you can feed the opponent’s gi around their arm, punch through to get an overhand grip to wrap the gi around their upper arm and pull it across their body, then scoot around like you’re taking the back. Get on your elbow and feed that gi tail to your other hand, then sit back with it and roll them over, finishing with your choice of choke or arm bar.

Saranya and I left before rolling. Good thing I did, because after I got home I got so stiff and sore that I was getting angry and panicked. I took a 2 hour nap and that helped a lot.

805BJJ Class 72: double arm grip to open guard, then triangle or pass to back, rolling

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Saranya got in at about 10:15am to start warming up and learning some things to do about side control. She really struggled with the back roll over the left side. She also taught me a very nice subtlety about osoto gari – the push-pull setup. Push them away real quick before pulling them in, stepping to their side, and sweeping the leg.

Krav Maga was doing kickboxing sparring during our warmup, but eventually they came to the back room and I grabbed a broom and swept the mat quickly. We did our warmup and again Saranya needed help with the left shoulder back roll.

The first technique we learned was using a two-handed hold on one arm to transition to an open guard. Cross-sleeve and same-side-outer-armpit grips, open the guard and plant the grip-side foot, hip back and get your other foot on the hip, then put your planted foot on the hip and sit up. From there, if they have a grip on your gi, you can throw up a triangle, and if they let go, you can push them across and get up to get on their back.

Speaking of triangles, we learned a hack to finish even a loosely locked triangle: get up on your elbows and lift your hips off the mat, then scoot back until you get the tap.

Then we rolled.

I first rolled with Dave. He got on top of me and smashed me, but I kept my cool and avoided all his submission attempts, eventually getting back on top.

Next I rolled with Dave again because everyone else already paired up. He had an arm bar attempt on me and I bent my fingers sideways to escape. I knew it was a bad idea as soon as I finished doing it.

Then I sat out a round. Saranya was sitting out and I invited her over. She had a bloody thumbnail and I told her to wash it.

Then I rolled with Greggo. I did the move of the day on him, and at the end he walked me through an arm bar finish.

Then I rolled lightly with Aaron to finish things off.