– Remove the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant (ClickOnce) Firefox Extension

I just realized that Microsoft is trying to screw me over again. It seems that with their .NET Framework v3.5 upgrade, they silently install a Firefox extension that YOU CAN’T UNINSTALL! Well, not through the normal means of clicking the Uninstall button, anyway. It turns out you have to remove a registry key, reset a Firefox configuration parameter, and then delete a folder, which it turns out may require a reboot depending on what other software you’re running.

Here’s the complete removal procedure: – Remove the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant (ClickOnce) Firefox Extension

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PHD Comics: Science News Cycle

Science News Cycle
PHD Comics: Science News Cycle

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Hot Breath of God

The breeze was warm tonight. Saranya and I went out for a walk. She’s been getting sick the last couple days and has stayed home from school, but the coughing hasn’t dropped her energy level noticeably. I felt like T2 walking after her as she ran around the block away from me. I tried to stay close so I could grab her quickly if she started to do anything dangerous (like run into the street or into rose bushes) but her most perilous acts were to run down a sloped driveway and stumble into my knee, or to pick up rocks and try to get me to eat some of them.

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Monday (False Memories)

Okay okay so it’s not Monday anymore. This is about Monday though. I’m finding things I thought I did yesterday (Monday) that I apparently didn’t do. Specifically, a database update and a version control commit. I really thought I had done these things while I was at the lab, but when I got home I found that I hadn’t done the commit with the new files I added. Then when I woke up this morning (Tuesday) I had email requesting that I please apply the database update from yesterday’s files, which I was sure I also did at the lab.

What’s going on in my head? Is this typical for Mondays? I seem to remember that it is, but I seem to be developing false memories so I don’t trust them so much anymore.

Alright, that’s enough writing without coffee. I think I made coffee. Let me go check…

[edit] Hey! Now I update my code and I see the files I thought I committed yesterday! WTF?!?

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