A friend recently invited me to track my daily diet and exercise at She’d lost a lot of weight and I was lamenting the fact that I’d gained a lot of weight since being injured and/or sick for the last 8 months. The site sounded appealing, so when the invitation came, I jumped on it.

So far I’ve been doing it for 4 days, and it’s helping me monitor and motivate my diet and exercise. It’s like a public scoreboard where I can post my daily efforts at improving my fitness, and I’m optimistic that I’ll soon have impressive results to share.

It’ll go on until I either fall injured or sick and am no longer able to pursue the task, or perhaps depression will creep up and sap my motivation. Or perhaps a solid and sustained effort will yield disappointing results and discourage my further use. These things have always happened in the past, so why should this time be any different?

But let’s see if I can drop 30 lbs. How long could it take?

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