Natural Law

When I first registered to vote, I registered under the Natural Law Party. I did this because I saw all politicians as corrupt, and the most corrupt were drawn to the two most powerful parties.

As you can infer, I did not register thus because of my belief in Natural Law (whatever that was). But lately I’ve come to wonder what it was that I’d been signed up for all this time.

The first thing I found out is that the Natural Law Party has been subsumed by the US Peace Government. Soooo I’m now a registered “Independent”.

The second thing I found out is that Natural Law is mainly an assertion of the objectivity of moral norms. Now we’re getting somewhere interesting. I’ve got to study this Natural Law thing some more.

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American History Lesson 1

I’d just like to point out one of my personal heroes: John Brown. He was a white guy who tried to do the right thing about race relations in America. Of course they killed him for it and subsequently called him “crazy” but I really admire his stand for ‘the dignity of human nature’.

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