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Brandon vs Road Rage

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

I remembered a part of a dream I had last night. The snippet started after Brandon had been the victim of an aggressive driver on the street. Some guy had done something dangerous and had acted like Brandon was intentionally messing with him by using the street. Anyway, the guy stops at the next traffic signal and Brandon pulls up next to him, parks his car, gets out, and goes over to this guy’s car. Brandon opens the door and pulls the guy out onto the ground. The guy’s a short thin man with wavy light brown hair and a beard. Brandon is huge, weighing in north of 300 lbs, and a trained self defense instructor. Anyway, Brandon carefully drags the guy out and onto the hot pavement, where the guy ends up lying with his legs under his own car and his seat belt wrapped around his neck. Brandon calmly sits in his driver’s chair, secures the guy’s car so it won’t roll off, puts his foot on the guy’s chest, and calmly starts to explain to him that his behavior is unacceptable and that it could have dire consequences.

I was very impressed with Brandon’s calm, gentle violence and teaching method. Even though the guy he taught isn’t a real person, and I would never be able to pull off that maneuver, I bet it would go over well in a movie.

Krav Maga Class 109: thai pad combos with kicks and sprawls, boxing sparring, front kick only, intense pain, inside defenses with counter

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Brandon’s class started just as we got there. Saranya’s BJJ class started late too, thank goodness. Class started with 2 straight minutes of jumping jacks while Brandon figured out the sound system. Then it was a quick warm up circuit before shoulder tag (I jammed my thumb) and the kicking combo game (Ray and I got to 9, the lowest in the class).

Next was thai pads and boxing gloves. We did 1-4 combos followed by a kick, then 1-4 combos followed by a sprawl. Then we did boxing sparring for a couple rounds, then we did the same with one puncher and one who could only do a front kick. The last round I went to kick Dave and he blocked with his forearm and my toe went straight into it, jamming it and dropping me to my knees. It was very painful.

Last was defense/attack combos against straight punches. I did not do great.

Krav Maga Class 108: shadow boxing, belt running, focus mitts, level 1+2 chokes, carotid choke defense, bear hug with lift defense, choke against the outside wall defenses

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Pam’s Saturday morning class started with her complimenting me on my carry-fold of my BJJ gi. Then we got into shadow boxing mixed with jumping jacks, push ups, squats, sprawls, and sit ups. After that we paired up and our partners pulled us back using a belt around our waists while we sprinted across the mat and side-shuffled back for 2 minutes each. It was exhausting! The clock felt broken.

That done, we did a couple rounds of focus mitts. Combos 1-5 and then the same with a quick double jab cross added to the end. I did alright. Hardest part was holding pads for Scott, and that went okay too.

After that we did a one-in skill drill where we slowly and deliberately defended with all the level 1 and 2 chokes, bear hugs, etc. I did remarkably alright, with a few hiccups from rust. After everyone got their two minutes, we got further instruction on the carotid choke defense, as well as the bear hug from behind with a lift. Pam thought it was an orange belt technique, but I thought it was green belt. Anyway, it was the first time I’d seen the technique taught outside youtube in all my Krav Maga training. I just checked the green belt curriculum and yes indeed there it is! IN YOUR FACE PAM! ;P

Anyway, after that we went to the back alley where we did choke defenses while being pushed against the wall. On stucco. Fun! Then we did a drill where one half of the class would spin with eyes closed, and the other half would administer chokes (front or back) and the spinner would have to do the defense.

In the middle of this, I was called to see the kids’ class, where Saranya got her first stripe on her yellow belt.

Krav Maga Class 107: basic punching and kicking

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Brandon’s Saturday class was tuned to the five new students on the mat. We did tombstone pad punching and kicking, then we did thai pad combos with kicks. Saranya hurt her back attempting a double leg takedown when Ella sprawled on top of her, but she was alright.

Krav Maga Class 106: long warm up, hammer fists, gun from the side defense

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Curtis’ Saturday morning class saw him running on reduced sleep after a bounty hunt in Compton last night. He started us running and kept us running for 5 minutes. We did about 15 minutes of warm ups before we got to hammer fist drills. I was in a group with Susan and new guy Scott. I hit the pad so hard that my pinky finger knuckle injured my ring finger knuckle. Then we did a stress drill with hammer fists only.

Last we did gun defense from the side, front of the arm.

Krav Maga Class 105: shadow boxing, focus mitt combos, 2 minute kick circle drill, kick boxing sparring, straight knife defense

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Pam’s Saturday morning class started with shadow boxing, interspersed with squats, push ups, sit ups, squats, push ups, and sit ups. We then paired up and got straight into focus mitt combos. I was in a group of 3 with Susan and a new guy named Jose, so we swapped out with the heavy bag.

After that, we got kick shields and got one person in the middle. Then, for 2 minutes straight, the person in the middle was kicking the pad of the person who called their name. All angles. Front, back, and side kicks. Moving in with step kicks. It was exhausting!

Then we put on shin guards and did a couple short rounds of kick boxing sparring. I did a half round with Susan and half with Jose, then I went a whole round with Ray. It went okay. We didn’t have head gear on so we didn’t hit very hard to the face.

Once that was done, we put away our gear and practiced straight knife defense. It’s a wrist redirection with the outside hand, pinning it to the abdomen while the other hand comes under the knife grip hand. Pull the knife wielding forearm vertical and throw some lower body combatives while you keep straight arms to control the knife, then do the ol’ wrist roll takeaway. Push forward toward the knife, then unroll the fingers as you strip the knife out.

805BJJ Class 61: fall breaks and shoulder rolls, side control, far arm isolation

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

I got to class late because of lingering issues following a server Ubuntu LTS upgrade that went pear shaped last night and into this morning, plus insufficient sleep from being woken up to try to help a bratty daughter who didn’t want help but instead wanted someone to do her homework for her. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up when the girls left, got coffee, burrowed back into work, and didn’t finish until 10:40am.

Got on the mat while Dave was warming up the class. We did shrimping and tumbling and fall breaks until coach Mark stopped us and told us that our fall breaks sucked, and that we should practice them right from the beginning so we don’t get addicted to bad technique. I was guilty of the following sins: crossing my feet on the fall break stand up, coming up to my elbow on the fall break, not cupping my hand when slapping the mat, and slapping the mat too far away from my body to be effective. I have to work on all of those bad habits. Oh, and not rounding my body and rolling a little to dissipate energy when I land. That too. Especially on the side fall break, which I barely learned in Krav Maga for my orange belt test.

Then we did some broken down practice drills solo before going back to trying the shoulder roll fall break again. I found it very awkward to get back to my feet without crossing them, so I guess I just need more momentum.

Anyway, that took a half hour, and then we were on to side control and far arm isolation. Use your underhook arm to make a shelf under their shoulder. Use your other hand to backhand windshield wiper their far hand and staple it onto the mat. Then turn that hand over to a monkey C grip as your underhook turns over and hooks your own wrist under your opponent’s arm, and then pull the elbow down toward the hip and lift.

For side control, it’s all about controlling the hips and maintaining an over/under of some sort. I learned two new grips. One was pants grip at the butt cheek, and the other was between-the-legs pants grip. Both of them, you grip the fabric and pin it to the mat. I also learned how to control the hips in reverse kesa.

Then we rolled. I got regular top-ups from the Goo tube I brought, so I was ready to roll. I started with Greggo and he gently dominated me for the first 4.5 minutes before tapping me with a fist in my jaw. Very excellent hip control from top side control on his part. No more letting me have dominant grips to start off. I’m moving up!

I next rolled with Cowboy. I again got him in the bow and arrow choke, and coach Mark thought I was closer to finishing than I was, so he urged me to just keep cranking on it. My grip gave out after a couple minutes and Cowboy escaped.

Then I rolled with Cosmo. I frustrated him a lot in my closed guard, but he did eventually break it and I tried to turtle and go for a single leg on him. I don’t know why I try to do that to him, because it never ever works.

Then I went with Ryan, who I took down from the knees and tapped with an arm bar. As we restarted, he expressed frustration at being taken down so much, and he swore I wouldn’t take him down again. 3 seconds later, I had taken him down again, and he was laughing. I can relate. I used to get taken down regularly too. Now I’m doing my share of the takedowns.

After that was Phil. He let me get top side control and then tried to lock up a baseball bat choke. Instead of mounting him, though, I rotated to north-south and un-twisted his grips for him. When he tried to switch them up, I secured one of his arms for an arm bar, and applied consistent pressure to try to get him to let it go and give me his arm. He eventually did, but as I was trying to lock up the arm bar he went belly down, so I followed, and he did a sky cartwheel to escape and end up on top of side control. Wow.

Krav Maga Class 104: shadow boxing, thai pad combos with movement, questionable groin kick defense

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Brandon taught this Saturday morning class. We started with shadow boxing, then the usual warm up circuit, then stretching. Quick and easy. Then we got a drink and gloves and thai pads and a partner. My partner was Susan.

We started with just combos followed by whatever kick the pad holder set up. Susan was anticipating my patters, so I broke them at the end and had her stumbling and laughing a little bit. :) When it was my turn to strike, I had a lot of little steps to try to get lined up for my kicks. I was not very competent in the footwork department, but not too bad either, I guess.

After that it was throwing combos across the mat and back. Bursting jab jab cross, first pass left left right, second pass right right left. My southpaw stance was hard to maintain, because I don’t have a good feel for how far apart my feet should be, and how straight my feet are pointing.

The next drill was to add onto the burst-left-left-right combo with a front-leg push-kick, a bursting in right cross, and a left hook to the body. I found my bursting cross did not put me close enough to land the body shot.

For defenses, we did front groin kick defenses, which Brandon taught us as like inside punch defenses but against the leg. It felt useless. We did a stress drill against it, and it was stupid.

Krav Maga Class 103: shoulder tag, focus mitts, front and round kicks, spinning round kick, boxing sparring

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Kurtis taught this Saturday morning class. At first, I thought it might turn into a private lesson for me, but a couple people stayed from the StrikeFit class (Susan and Dave) and then Ray showed up in the middle of warm ups. Anyway, warm ups started with running around the mat for a few minutes. The usual. Broke into a few bouts of shoulder tag (Susan poked me in the nose) and then the stretching bit.

Gloves and focus mitts on, we paired up and did basic combos on the focus mitts. I paired with Dave, and coached him on how to throw his punches. He tends to lower his hands before throwing the punch, rather than throwing it straight from his fighting stance. So I coached him a little bit. Curtis did too, about twisting his body for the hook punch. On my turn, my punches were quick, crisp, and efficient (mostly). I had a little trouble throwing the upper cut after the hook on a 4, because I had to un-twist my body and that action didn’t load the upper cut.

After that, we took off the gloves and got a tombstone pad, into which we threw front kicks and round kicks. Then we learned a new technique – spinning round kick! Dave started, and he was having a hard time getting the whole rotation. I had a much easier time of it, and was landing some very good kicks!

Once we were done with the kicks, we put on headgear and gloves and mouth guard and got to boxing sparring. I started with Dave, and he immediately started bull rushing me so I put my jab in his face over and over, backing then circling. He was pawing at my hands, and Curtis had to stop us to tell him to commit to knocking my hands away and following with a punch. We got back to it and I mostly was lighting him up, but he did land a good right hook to the side of my head that hurt.

My next opponent was Susan, and we went very light. She landed a couple good body shots on me, and I landed several head shots on her.

Last opponent was Ray. He was surprised that I faced off with him in a southpaw stance. I asked him if he was used to fighting against southpaws, and he explained patiently to me that he’s a natural southpaw. I clarified that I was asking him if he was used to fighting southpaw opponents, and he said he was not. We got after it, and I noticed he has a habit of ducking way down, and then standing up with a left straight punch that was hitting me regularly. I told him it was serving him well, and he admitted it was a bad habit. I told him I was trying to time it, but he was hitting me anyway. By the end of the round, I was able to put some pressure on him and keep him busy dodging and not attacking, but I was getting tired and was forgetting to move my head. Still, I felt I improved.

Krav Maga Class 102: shadow boxing circuit, mat crossing exercises, focus mitt combos, 360 defenses, knife defense, gauntlet

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Pam taught this Saturday morning class. Started with shadow boxing, mixing in push ups, squats, sit ups, lizard push ups, crunches and leg raises with the shadow boxing. Then we started going across the mat with inch worm push ups, lunge/knee thrusts, and side lunges. I was pretty fast and pretty tired. I pushed the pace.

After that we gloved up and paired up and got focus mitts. I was in a 3 person group with Corey and Susan. We switched off with the bag for the lonely 3rd, and I was fine with that. I was very awkward with the focus mitts, and I think I don’t give enough resistance to the punches when I’m holding mitts. I felt awkward with Susan holding pads for me, but I did alright. I also didn’t know the 3-punch counters after a bob or weave (hook straight hook after a bob/weave, straight hook straight after a slip)

After that we put the gloves and pads away, and we did 360 defenses. Susan was again trouble. Always a discussion and some awkwardness. I had real trouble with a right block and left strike. I always get the hands mixed up. I really need to practice 360 with simultaneous counters. Maybe Saranya will help me with it tomorrow.

Moving on from 360 defense, we did knife defenses. Block with a 360, then transition to a wrist grab, push it behind the attacker’s back while counter attacking, ending in a wrist lock take-away. Again, Susan proved difficult. She preferred the wrap technique, and indeed, that’s also my habit.

At the end of class, we did a gauntlet walk through the heavy bags, with attackers coming out at us from all angles.