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Krav Maga Class 104: shadow boxing, thai pad combos with movement, questionable groin kick defense

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Brandon taught this Saturday morning class. We started with shadow boxing, then the usual warm up circuit, then stretching. Quick and easy. Then we got a drink and gloves and thai pads and a partner. My partner was Susan.

We started with just combos followed by whatever kick the pad holder set up. Susan was anticipating my patters, so I broke them at the end and had her stumbling and laughing a little bit. :) When it was my turn to strike, I had a lot of little steps to try to get lined up for my kicks. I was not very competent in the footwork department, but not too bad either, I guess.

After that it was throwing combos across the mat and back. Bursting jab jab cross, first pass left left right, second pass right right left. My southpaw stance was hard to maintain, because I don’t have a good feel for how far apart my feet should be, and how straight my feet are pointing.

The next drill was to add onto the burst-left-left-right combo with a front-leg push-kick, a bursting in right cross, and a left hook to the body. I found my bursting cross did not put me close enough to land the body shot.

For defenses, we did front groin kick defenses, which Brandon taught us as like inside punch defenses but against the leg. It felt useless. We did a stress drill against it, and it was stupid.

Krav Maga Class 103: shoulder tag, focus mitts, front and round kicks, spinning round kick, boxing sparring

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Kurtis taught this Saturday morning class. At first, I thought it might turn into a private lesson for me, but a couple people stayed from the StrikeFit class (Susan and Dave) and then Ray showed up in the middle of warm ups. Anyway, warm ups started with running around the mat for a few minutes. The usual. Broke into a few bouts of shoulder tag (Susan poked me in the nose) and then the stretching bit.

Gloves and focus mitts on, we paired up and did basic combos on the focus mitts. I paired with Dave, and coached him on how to throw his punches. He tends to lower his hands before throwing the punch, rather than throwing it straight from his fighting stance. So I coached him a little bit. Curtis did too, about twisting his body for the hook punch. On my turn, my punches were quick, crisp, and efficient (mostly). I had a little trouble throwing the upper cut after the hook on a 4, because I had to un-twist my body and that action didn’t load the upper cut.

After that, we took off the gloves and got a tombstone pad, into which we threw front kicks and round kicks. Then we learned a new technique – spinning round kick! Dave started, and he was having a hard time getting the whole rotation. I had a much easier time of it, and was landing some very good kicks!

Once we were done with the kicks, we put on headgear and gloves and mouth guard and got to boxing sparring. I started with Dave, and he immediately started bull rushing me so I put my jab in his face over and over, backing then circling. He was pawing at my hands, and Curtis had to stop us to tell him to commit to knocking my hands away and following with a punch. We got back to it and I mostly was lighting him up, but he did land a good right hook to the side of my head that hurt.

My next opponent was Susan, and we went very light. She landed a couple good body shots on me, and I landed several head shots on her.

Last opponent was Ray. He was surprised that I faced off with him in a southpaw stance. I asked him if he was used to fighting against southpaws, and he explained patiently to me that he’s a natural southpaw. I clarified that I was asking him if he was used to fighting southpaw opponents, and he said he was not. We got after it, and I noticed he has a habit of ducking way down, and then standing up with a left straight punch that was hitting me regularly. I told him it was serving him well, and he admitted it was a bad habit. I told him I was trying to time it, but he was hitting me anyway. By the end of the round, I was able to put some pressure on him and keep him busy dodging and not attacking, but I was getting tired and was forgetting to move my head. Still, I felt I improved.

Krav Maga Class 102: shadow boxing circuit, mat crossing exercises, focus mitt combos, 360 defenses, knife defense, gauntlet

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Pam taught this Saturday morning class. Started with shadow boxing, mixing in push ups, squats, sit ups, lizard push ups, crunches and leg raises with the shadow boxing. Then we started going across the mat with inch worm push ups, lunge/knee thrusts, and side lunges. I was pretty fast and pretty tired. I pushed the pace.

After that we gloved up and paired up and got focus mitts. I was in a 3 person group with Corey and Susan. We switched off with the bag for the lonely 3rd, and I was fine with that. I was very awkward with the focus mitts, and I think I don’t give enough resistance to the punches when I’m holding mitts. I felt awkward with Susan holding pads for me, but I did alright. I also didn’t know the 3-punch counters after a bob or weave (hook straight hook after a bob/weave, straight hook straight after a slip)

After that we put the gloves and pads away, and we did 360 defenses. Susan was again trouble. Always a discussion and some awkwardness. I had real trouble with a right block and left strike. I always get the hands mixed up. I really need to practice 360 with simultaneous counters. Maybe Saranya will help me with it tomorrow.

Moving on from 360 defense, we did knife defenses. Block with a 360, then transition to a wrist grab, push it behind the attacker’s back while counter attacking, ending in a wrist lock take-away. Again, Susan proved difficult. She preferred the wrap technique, and indeed, that’s also my habit.

At the end of class, we did a gauntlet walk through the heavy bags, with attackers coming out at us from all angles.

Krav Maga Class 101: running, shoulder tag circuit, focus mitts, bursting jab, stick defense

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Curtis started this Saturday morning class a couple minutes early, with running. I was dying after 5 minutes, but we went about 7 minutes. My cardio is embarrassing after a week off due to a twisted (sprained) knee. We transitioned into some mat crossing movement exercises like lizard walk with push-ups, crab walk, etc. Then we started shoulder tag, alternating rounds with exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, mountain climbers, etc. Again, I was dying.

After that, we had a little dynamic stretch, then broke for water and gloves and focus mitts. Dave teamed up with me and I was first striker. I did okay, I guess. He was holding the mitts far to the side of his head, and it was awkward punching them 1-2, because he’s so wide anyway. Then I held mitts for him, and he’s got a lot to address. His footwork is awkward, and he has awkward habits with is hands (lowering them before punching). Curtis spent a lot of time coaching him, and I put in some pointers too. He needs to put in some effort to break his bad habits.

At the end, we did stick defenses, and for the stress drill we put a boxing glove on our non-stick-holding hand and threw punches once we did the stick defense.

Krav Maga Class 100: warm up circuit, ground-and-pound shadow boxing circuit, turning hammer fist, stepping side kick, bear hug defense

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Brandon taught this Saturday morning Krav class. I came in with a sore rib and sore feet. I also took a couple of sports legs supplement pills for muscle energy.

We started with jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, and shadow boxing in a circuit. Then a bit of shoulder tag. Then we got a kick shield and did ground and pound for 45 seconds followed by shadow boxing for 45 seconds, in a circuit, for 3 rounds. Once that insanity was done, we got a drink of water and came back with our boxing gloves on, and pulled out our own heavy bag.

We did long rounds (3:45) of punches, then kicks on the bag to warm up. Then more water and gloves off. We did turning hammer fist strikes on the bag, then side kicks, then turning side kicks, then round kick recoiling back to a turning side kick the other way. Pretty cool, but exhausting.

At the end of class we did bear hug from the front, arms trapped. It was lame.

Krav Maga Class 99: straight punches high and low, turning hammer fist, back kick, choke from behind

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Brandon taught this Saturday morning class. Started with a circuit of jumping jacks (ouch shoulders), push ups, and sit ups. Then we did running in place with sprawls, fast feet, high knees, and butt kicks. Very tiring. Then it was shoulder tag and knee tag for a few rounds. Antonio, Dano, Dave, Richard (who I used to think was named Victor) and eventually Ray.

I was the demo dummy for most of the class. Holding pads for straight punches. I partnered up with Ray, holding pads for him first. Brandon switched us after a couple minutes. I did okay, but I felt I was overextending my stance on the low punches. Something to work on.

Next was the turning back hammer fist. Look over your shoulder, step the foot on the side you’re looking to the outside of their foot while you throw your hammer fist punch horizontally as your body turns. Follow up with a punch or elbow, depending on your range.

Next was a back kick. I always felt awkward recoiling these to a good position, so I really focused on that a lot today. I also found it awkward that you step in with the foot opposite where you’re looking. I screwed that up on the very last kick, but other than that I was doing fine.

After that we did choke from behind, 2-hand pluck. Ray and I practiced it on both sides. He was a lot less proficient on his off side, but I was comfortable both ways. I always try to be smooth and technical on the defense, but I did start speeding up as I got a feel for the move, and it went well. We finished class with a mixed partners drill of the same. Dave was the only guy who gave me any problems, but I powered through with aggressiveness when my pluck was minimally effective, and that did it.

Krav Maga Class 98: bag class with chokes

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Pam taught this Saturday morning class. It started with jumping jacks, squats, push ups, and sit ups. Two rounds. The shoulder tag in between the sets for another round.

We did a circuit of ground and pound on a kick shield, alternating with stomps to said kick shield. 3 rounds. 2 minutes total.

We did tombstone punches, old school. 5 jabs, then 5 crosses, then 5 1-2’s. Then we did the same drill but 3x, ending each one with a 20sec flurry of punches. After that, front kick to the groin, 5 each side. Then front kick and 1-2 punch. All the way across the mat. I was in a 3 person group with Susan and Dave, and the odd person out for that drill had to do squats the whole time! Lots of squats.

After that drill, we covered the choke from the front defense with a 2-handed pluck. Susan much preferred the 1-handed pluck variant, so she kept doing that instead. Whatever, huh? Her kid was teaching the class, so I guess she felt a certain freedom to disobey. Anyway, I did well on that one. I’m usually pretty good with the side control and angling off to make space and separate. I could be better though, I’m sure. I gave Dave a few pointers.

Then we did 360 defenses against high or low attacks. I Susan’s reflexes were to throw the simultaneous strike. I had to fight that to just keep my off hand up to block punches, like Pam instructed for the lower levels. That felt super awkward for me. I advised Dave that throwing his strikes palm forward to be blocked by 360 defenses would be less painful than simulating a knife strike, where the block would land on his bone and cause more pain and bruising.

Then we went for a run around the speed bump in the back alley. When we came back, we had all the heavy bags pulled out. We’d create a gauntlet for folks to go through. So after sprinting to the speed bump and back, we’d have to walk slowly down between the bags, and our classmates would attack us, either with a choke from the front, or an overhand or underhand strike, or they would hold a pad for us to punch or kick. We’d do the defenses or blast away until we made it to the chair and were safe. I went second, and screwed up defending Ray’s overhand strike (I did a cross body 360 defense, doh!) but did the rest fine. I didn’t want to get out of the chair once I was done, but I did.

To end the class, we did 2 more minutes (3 rounds) of ground and pound, then stomping on the kick shields.

Krav Maga Class 97: started hot, full contact, gun defenses

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

I got in early, and Christian gave me fair warning that we were going to start hot. Great. I knew right away I was in trouble, but whatever. I talked with Dave about how did he knock out Matt

We started with basic front kick + 1-2 combos across the mat. No big deal. Then we did over-under drill, where one did push up position while the other went under, then plank while the other jumped over. We had a group of 3 so we rotated, but we made Dave do most of the drill because we didn’t switch. To be fair, Christian was unclear. First failure of the day.

Then it was front kicks and 1-2 combos across the mat.

Then it was sit ups with legs interlocked, then while squeezing the legs inward (outward for the other partner) we did 20 seconds hold, 20 seconds sit ups, and 20 seconds Russian twists. My performance proved that I was not capable of doing as instructed. Second failure of the day.

Then it was 2x elbows and 2x knees across the mat. Dave said my knees were murderous, but they didn’t really move him back. That dude is so solid.

After that, we did our stretching, and then the leapfrog drill. Dave squatted and I leapfrogged over, then he stood with legs apart and I crawled back through. For a minute, then we switched.

Drink water, mouthguards in, and level 1 chokes with ACTUAL CONTACT on the combatives! We were supposed to be controlled but use good form and pick actual targets. Dave and I got through without hurting each other.

Then we did a round robin where everybody was hitting one person and periodically someone would lay on a choke and the middle person would have to do the defense and combatives. I took a really solid elbow in the head from someone I can’t remember (Jeff or Dave) but everything else went okay.

Finally we got to gun defenses. Gun from the front. Gun to the left side of the head. Same defense. Gun from the back. Gun from the left behind the the elbow. Same defense. Really two defenses for 4 threats. We practiced them with increasing resistance. Jeff and I were cracking each other up with our resistance. I was making “woop” sound effects as I tried to pull the gun out of his reach. He called me the worst mugger ever. Touche.

The class finished with a drill where half of us had guns and half didn’t, and the ones with guns had to threaten the ones without guns, and the threatened folks had to do gun defenses. Then we were restricted to half of the mat, then a quarter of the mat, then a wide elevator sized patch of mat. I did not have any real problems, but others seemed to.

Class finished 7 minutes late, and I quickly went to change into my gi for 805BJJ45.

Krav Maga Class 96: shadow boxing, pluck choke defenses, focus mitts with elbows, gun from behind, knife from behind

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

TJ taught this Tuesday morning class. I felt surprisingly good after my double class on Saturday, so I came prepared for a repeat performance!

We started by running around, then shadow boxing, doing some push ups and sit ups. We paired up and practiced our level 1 pluck chokes. I teamed up with Mustache Matt and helped tune up his stuff. Then we stretched, got water, gloved up, and did focus mitt combinations.

In the middle of the focus mitt combinations, TJ told a story about an unsavory character who came in to the gym looking for training for his girlfriend’s kid. TJ recognized the guy from his work.

After the focus mitts, we did some light boxing sparring. I had good head movement. My footwork was shaky, and I kept noticing it and trying to fix it, only to notice it again a few minutes later. Work in progress. My hands were okay. I was able to see some things coming, but some punches caught me blind. Both kinds still sometimes landed, and sometimes I was just a little off in anticipating the next punch to counter. It’s just right there on the edge of my awareness! So it might come along.

Then Dave knocked Matt out with a punch flush to the temple. Holy shit! I had just sparred with Dave before, and he crossed my eyes with a jab to my forehead, so maybe my head movement frustrated him and he was looking for a better result? Maybe he just doesn’t know his own strength? I don’t know, but Matt dropped hard.

Once we’d done 3 rounds of sparring, we moved on to gun defense from behind, like we did last week. Easy stuff now. Then I had to demo it with TJ, but on the 3rd time, the gun was a knife! He set me up! So we learned the difference between gun defense and knife defense (hint: it’s in the take-away part). We learned two grips (handcuff and hand meat) that you can use to extract the knife. We learned to keep a fighting stance and locked out arms to help us with leverage in a pushing and pulling contest, if such should develop. I kept forgetting to do that last part, dammit! At the end, we did a drill where our partner would come at us with one weapon or the other, either side of the back, and we’d have to do the defense and take-away. Good class!

Krav Maga Class 95: shadow boxing, shoulder tag, focus mitt combos and tombstone kicks, front and back bear hugs (arms trapped)

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Brandon took on this Saturday morning class, and it was a sizeable one. 9 participants including myself, so we were an odd bunch. Susan, Brian, Ray, Me, Jeff, Ronnie, Victor, Ul, and Dave. We started the warm up with a circuit of shadow boxing, jumping jacks, push ups and sit ups. Then we did shoulder tag for a bit before stretching.

We did very basic focus mitt combos, and I ended up teaching Ul how to hold mitts. It took me ages to get decent at it, so I was very patient with his crazy first attempts (holding the mitts very wide or low, for example). Dave was in our group too, since there were an odd number of students. The drill was not a very good one for me. I don’t feel I sharpened my skills at all.

After that, we put away the pads and mitts and gloves. Time for the self defense part: bear hugs! First we did from behind, with arms trapped. I paired up with Victor on this one, and he WOULD NOT LET GO! I had to work really hard, and it spiked my adrenaline when I realized I was not getting out of this one easily. It was a GREAT lesson for me. I even stomped his foot for real once or twice but it didn’t work. The only thing that loosened his grip was when I started throwing real elbows to his chest. After that, I was able to get out without such a serious struggle, but the adrenaline effects continued. I had a really hard time catching my breath!

Next we did bear hug from the front, arms trapped. The sprawl and hands to the hips make this one so much easier. I had no problems.

We finished the class with a drill where half the class stood on a line with their eyes closed, and the other half applied either a bear hug from the front or from the back. I started in the group that was delivering the bear hugs, and it was pretty easy. I finished as the group that was receiving and defending the bear hugs, and I was really struggling to catch my breath after each defense. After the class, I was spent. There was only a tiny spot at the bottom of my t-shirt that was not drenched with sweat.