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Krav Maga class 28: push kick, lead elbow, straight punch, gun from side, 3rd party gun

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

Saranya was sick today so she stayed home playing Minecraft and listening to squiddy.

Sean’s Saturday class. Started with warm ups that went very very well actually. My left pinky toe was heavily bandaged so I was hoping for the best.

Started with front stomp kick to a pad holder. I paired with Collin. He’s funny.

Then we pulled out heavy bags and did lead elbows, then straight punches, then combo elbow+punch. Then we picked up training guns and practiced punching with them, making sure to keep the line of fire off ourselves. Then we did the combo of elbow and gun punch on the bag. I punched very lightly with the gun, because my hand slips off it and it scrapes the skin and jams the thumb.

Then we did gun defense from the side. Collin improved greatly, and one time he pinched my thumb so bad that I’ve got a little red line gouged into my right thumb. Hope that’s my worst training injury of the day. I can cope with that.

Finally we did 3rd party gun defense. Take a gun away from an attacker who’s threatening someone else. Sneak up behind them, come along the gun side and take it, then use it to protect the original target.

Kitchen Faucet, Cabinets, and Kings

Monday, January 25th, 2016

While watching the LA Kings play the San Jose Sharks tonight, I was also stripping off the remains of the peeling laminate that covers my kitchen cabinets. It’s a weird black nylon/plastic covering that looks like it was mostly never glued on at all. The cabinets were purchased from Ikea and installed by the previous owner of the house, and they’ve been falling apart for some time. The doors and hardware are all very solid, but the covering of the fake wood keeps peeling and wrinkling and bubbling and looking awful. We visited Ikea to see if we could get them replaced, but not only do they not make them anymore, they no longer even have any of them left over to replace them with. Moreover, their new cabinet designs use a totally different set of measurements, so we’d have to replace all our counter tops if we wanted to swap out the existing cabinets for the new models. Nope.

So I decided that we should have them painted. Sangeeta knows a guy who does handy man work and he agreed to paint them all for $500.

He also installed a new faucet in the kitchen. The old one became so corroded that the swivel hinge at the base could no longer swivel, so turning the faucet from side to side forced the connector nut to loosen, and the whole thing began to wobble. The new one went in in about an hour and a half (including a trip to OSH to buy a hose adapter so the little connectors to the new faucet could mate with the big connector on the hot water valve under the sink) and it’s pretty sweet.

Anyway, I was stripping the nylon laminate while the Kings were losing 2-1 and time was running out. I didn’t want to watch the Kings lose, but they came back and surprised me by scoring the tying goal with 12 seconds left in the game. Then, with less than a minute left in overtime, Marian Gaborik lasers the puck past Martin Jones (former Kings backup goaltender) for the game winner. Had the Kings lost in regulation, San Jose would have pulled to within 6 points in the standings. Instead, the kings pulled a little farther away, opening their lead to 9 points in the Pacific Division. Sangeeta and I cheered so hard that we woke Saranya up. Oopsie. :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that earlier in the game I had installed our new Epson printer. The old one died a mysterious death where it would simply error as soon as the power was turned on.

Krav Maga class 27: bursting punch, front kick, cross body control with knees, 360 defense, overhand knife defense

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Woke up late! Barely had time to have my coffee before it was time to dress up and prepare for class. The girls had already gone. I got there in time to watch the end of Saranya’s class.

Saturday’s class was taught by TJ. He also had come to watch his kid in the KMx class, and he was not impressed. Saranya was pretty good. Looks like she had fun.

Anyway, warmups went fine. Shoulder tag went well. I was able to do very well against novices. I got a cramp in my right calf.

I met Andrew (Steve and Anna’s son) and we partnered up for the partner drills. Bursting in right cross then 1-2 combos while moving around. Front kick and 1-2. Then we did 360 defenses, then added a simultaneous punch, then worked it into overhand knife defense. It was a little different from the way I learned it last time, in that we controlled the wrist and pushed it back behind the attacker. It didn’t feel very secure. But we did put a lot more work into the disarm, which I had never really done before. Step back and extend the arm while putting the attacker off balance, then roll the wrist and either unroll the knife from the fist or (if the handle is sticking out) lever the knife from the hand. We finished with a stress drill where we stood with eyes closed and got to do either a front kick attack or a knife defense when someone approached us.

Krav Maga class 26: stomp kicks, close attacks, bear hug defense

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Christian’s Tuesday night class. I went with my brand new shoes, and they worked out perfectly!

Started with a mouthpiece and never took it out. Partnered with Steve mostly, though I also met his wife Anna and his daughter Desiree.

Started with controlled stomp kicks to our opponent’s midsection. Front, round (not stomp) recoil all the way back then side and back kicks. Both legs. Then we did a stress drill with it. I got surrounded by girls and was proud of myself for landing controlled kicks that didn’t send the girls flying through the mirrors or windows.

Then we did picking people up and moving them. To counter that, we learned to base and if possible push the lifter’s hips away so they can’t get good posture for the lift. Then we did some close combatives and used those to finish off the bear hug defense.

The final stress drill was a gauntlet run punctuated by bear hug defenses. We had to spin while looking down at our finger, and an attacker would come and bear hug us. Then we had to traverse a gauntlet of the whole rest of the class holding kick shields and impeding progress. Steve smashed me in the ear. Other than that I was okay.

Coming into the class, my neck/shoulder was stiff. After the class it was horrible. 2 Ibuprofen later it’s tolerable. Hope I’ll be able to sleep.

Krav Maga class 25: shadow boxing, 1-2 punch and flurry, front kick for knife defense, round kick with the ball of the foot bullshit

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

TJ’s Saturday class started with warmups jogging around the mat, and I immediately dislocated my left big toe. Not sure exactly what did it, but ouch.

Shadow boxing went pretty well. I gave as well as I got.

I paired up with Christian (no not the owner Christian – another guy with the same name) and he was pretty green but had some pretty good punches and kicks and was in shape.

I found out my left front kick is stronger than my right front kick.

I also decided that I am NEVER throwing a round kick with the ball of my foot because my toes do not bend that way. Especially after the early dislocation. It was a pretty miserable class.

Krav Maga class 24: belt pull drill, advancing front kick, stomp kicks, inside and outside defenses with a 3rd attacker, escape from back mount/rnc

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Christian’s Tuesday night class. Warmup was a stress drill! We got into groups of 2 and had to throw repeated and varied strikes to a tombstone pad. Then we did the same thing in groups of 3 with one person pulling the striker back with a belt. I got to go twice while Christian held the pad for me and Brian. Cardio!

Then we did kicks. Advancing front kicks and front/side/rear stomp kicks. We did a drill where we had to fend off our partner with a straight leg. Then we did a plank kicking drill where one partner got in plank position and the other kicked them in the abdomen and legs to toughen them up.

Next we did inside/outside defenses with counters. I SUCK at inside defenses. I SUCK at counters with defenses. I’m too slow to see them, and don’t get my defenses up in time. Then we got into groups of 3 and had the 3rd person try to attack but the defender could kick them away.

Our last exercise was defense against back mount with a rear naked choke. Brian kept re-wrapping my near leg in almost a backward half-guard. Made it tough to escape. I ended up hurting both my big toes, jamming them into the front of my shoes during that drill. Let’s see how they recover.

[Edit: Toes are feeling better in the morning. :]

Krav Maga class 23: shadow boxing, advancing and retreating punches, elbows, guillotine choke

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Today was TJ’s class, who I met for the first time. He’s a cop.

Lots of shadow boxing to start off. Played a game of flags, which I won every time.

Did elbow strikes. First 1-3 then 4 and finally 5. 1 is strong, and the rest are not really.

Did advancing punches and retreating punches. Advancing is a bursting in punch. Retreating is a punch and using the recoil momentum to burst backward. Ended that with a 2 combo followed by a bursting in 1 elbow.

Ended the class with guillotine choke and defense. Turn toward the hand, pluck the hand, groin strike + up (5) elbow alternately and repeated until space opens to shoot your hand through their connected hands, then step through and keep their captured plucked hand close to your chest in a wrist lock.

Krav Maga class 22: focus mitts with peripheral awareness, inside defense, outside defense, get up

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Christian teaches Tuesday night class. Tons of weird jumping jacks that made me want to quit. Good stretching.

Focus mitts training followed by perception of information on the peripheral vision. A person behind the pad holder would hold up fingers and/or tap a foot on a side. Pad holder called rapid combinations 1-4. Striker had to do the called combos, call out the number of fingers up and the direction of the foot being stomped.

Then we did inside defense practice. I did okay at first. Then we did 3 inside and 1 outside defense. Then we added a knife to show that the defense is the same. Switching partners. Mixing inside and outside. Adam punched me right on my nose because I didn’t do the inside defense right. Then we had a stress drill with everybody attacking one defender in a line one after the other.

We ended after a getting-up-from-the-ground drill. Christian gave a long talk about the coming new schedule, BJJ classes, focus mitt classes, gun seminar, TRX seminar, and class schedule changes. Can’t wait! Hope my work schedule doesn’t prelude my participation in any of these new domains.

Krav Maga class 21: focus mitts, level 1 chokes, bear hugs

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Pam’s Saturday morning class (first SMKV KM ALL class of 2016!) started with me feeling like I was going to poop my pants. The warm up had me very nervous.

Got into a team of 3 doing focus mitt stuff, and I was gassing early (not in a butt way but in a cardio way, thank goodness. Susan helped me with my mitt techniques. I was advised to move my head more and not just stand there delivering punches, or I’d get hit in the head a lot while sparring. Good advice.

Then we went into level 1 chokes and Susan put a bear hug on Steve (the other of the partners) so I had to learn the bear hug defense. Get low, break the grip, turn and strike.

Then we focused on the push/pull chokes. From behind with a pull – go with it, turn and pluck, kick the groin. From the front with a push – arm up pinch, hard rotation to break the grip, elbow them down into the basket, elbow the face, side control, combatives. From the back with a push – plant with arm up pinch, rotate and step offline, control and combatives.

We finished the class with more practice on all the chokes. I needed it, but I did okay.