The new girl

There’s a new girl in the world. Her stats and contact info are as follows:

  • Name: Saranya Milan Rai-Burke
  • Born: Friday May 19th, 8:08am
  • Weight: 7 pounds 2 ounces
  • Length: 19.5 inches
  • Favorite food: mom
  • Likes: swaddling, bouncing, fine dining
  • Dislikes: having diapers changed, nudity

Her head shots and glamour photos are on the web at

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There have been a couple of commercials on TV lately that have been bothering me. I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

First there’s the Sprint “Fair and Flexible” commercials. This is where unlimited calling starts at 7pm. “7pm?!? That’s…that’s…” “Let’s spin the wheel of adjectives.” Okay, that’s not so bad. It used to be that you only got like 10,000 “nights and weekends” minutes per month, but now they’ve upped it to unlimited. Big whoop. The kicker though is when they tell you “So you control your plan; it doesn’t control you.” What?!? I don’t see how having to wait until 7pm to call people can be construed as “controlling your plan”.

Anyway, the other one is a beer commercial. “I’m just here for the Bud Light.” Now maybe it’s just me, but the message I receive from these commercials is that if you have Bud Light, no-talent jerks will come and crash your party and steal your beer. I guess they’re targeting no-talent jerks as the primary consumers of their product, so this might not be stupid on thier part. It just bothers me, that’s all.

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…and we’re back

By 6am we had been sent home. Sangeeta’s contractions slacked off to one every 7-8 minutes so they told us to go back home and wait until she had contractions 5 minutes apart for 2 hours in a row and can’t walk or talk during the contractions!

As of 3:30pm they’re still coming every 6-7 minutes. At one point she had them at 4 minute intervals, but when I pointed this out to her she turned to me and said “It doesn’t matter because I can still talk!”

It’s tough because she can’t sleep. The contractions wake her up just when she dozes off. And there’s not a whole lot I can do to help, aside from a little massage, a little timekeeping, and fetching the occasional object of desire.

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3am and we’re off!

Got a short nap, only to wake up and find that Sangeeta’s contractions were 5-6 minutes apart. Grabbed a quick shower, collected the stuff we’d packed earlier, and helped Sangeeta get herself together. This is it! We’re off to the hospital…

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Due date passed – barely!

It’s midnight. Sangeeta’s been having contractions all evening, about every 7-8 minutes. We’ve packed all our stuff and are ready for a trip to the hospital once her contractions become 5 minutes apart for an hour, and so strong that she can neither walk nor talk until they subside. Don’t know how much sleep we’ll get before that though. Hope we can get some!

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The Due Date arrives…

Well, today’s the day we marked on the calendar. We’ve spent the last few weeks cleaning our apartment, rearranging furniture, moving baby furniture in, building baby furniture, rearranging things again to make the baby furniture fit, cleaning up after we moved stuff around, yelling at each other about how Sangeeta’s not supposed to be doing stuff and I am supposed to be doing stuff, and sneezing. Mostly I’ve been doing the sneezing. Allergies. They’re worst when I lie down in my bed, since I sleep by the window which overlooks the neighboring building’s laundry room.

Sangeeta had some contractions last night, but they stopped by this morning. She’s very eager to squirt the kid out.

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two minutes ’til

It’s coming down to the wire.

I’ve received several queries about Sangeeta’s due date. I had mentioned May 5th for a while because that’s what the ultrasound guy said, but the OB said that ultrasound estimates are often off by a couple of weeks. So it’s back to the calendar determination of a May 17th due date. The OB is confident that Sangeeta will deliver by then.

In preparation for this, we drove up to Monterey last week. Some people were horrified that we were travelling in Sangeeta’s final month of pregnancy, but it wasn’t as bad as that. The worst emergency I could imagine would be if her water broke. I mean, those are cloth seats! Anyway, nothing bad happened and we had a nice trip.

Yesterday we moved baby furniture from my parents’ house to our apartment. U-Haul charges $19.95 for renting their trucks. Of course what they don’t put in the advertisement is the $0.79/mile and the $14 of protection money. We spent almost $75 just for driving their truck over the hill and back, delivering a disassembled crib and a changing table. They’re now resting in the middle of our living room, with just enough gap so there’s a clear viewing lane from the futon to the TV. We didn’t have the energy to figure out what else to do with them yesterday, and the same might be true today.

Our baby shower was awesome. If you went, you know this. Thank you. If you didn’t go, I’m sorry you missed it. First and foremost, I got to visit with a lot of old and dear friends (don’t tell them I said “old” okay?) who I missed more than I realized. Second, I got to see Sangeeta be the center of attention and love for the whole day. Third, I was the only non-female there. Some guys might think of that as scary but I was not intimidated by their estrogen fest. I got to help take some of the work load off my mom, who planned most of the party and who has been pretty overworked lately what with my dad’s roller coaster “recovery” and her fall while transporting our baby furniture to her house. And finally, we got a lot of baby loot! It took a huge strain off of us to have everybody chipping in on baby essentials, and I’m really grateful to everyone. I’ll be sending out thankyou cards ASAP.

So much to catch up on! I can’t write it all. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up on blogging a little better in the future, to avoid these awful gaps. Maybe I’ll even have some opinions or observations to share. Let’s see…

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