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Krav Maga class 16: pain

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

I went in with a broken nose and an injured thumb. Wore a thumb brace/guard to remind myself to take it easy.

Christian taught the KM Extreme class tonight, and we practiced striking with a gun to focus mitts. That did it for my thumb. I was out 30 minutes into the class when my thumb had been jammed several times and I realized I didn’t have both of my boxing gloves.

Got to watch some thai pad work, light sparring, and rear naked choke from the back defense.

Krav Maga class 15: babying my broken nose and sprained thumb

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

When I walked in with Saranya, Larry was mopping the mat. He asked me how I was doing and I told him my nose was broken. He got worried and asked “Was it me?” and I told him “You probably made it worse, but it was caused by Tig kicking me in the face.”

Watched Saranya’s class while the Strikefit class was going on. She needs to work on throwing knees with some power, but she sure does have style. :) Oh yeah, and we got her white belt back at the cost of 15 sprawls. Small price.

My class started after that, beginning with injury announcements. I came in with a broken nose and a sprained thumb. Larry joked that everyone should stay away from me, leaving me in my own bubble. It didn’t help entirely, but I’ll get to that.

Warm up was a run to the wall (all the way across the back of the strip mall’s parking lot and back) and then shadow striking mixed with jumping jacks, squats, push ups, and sit ups. Pretty easy.

Combatives were palm heel strike and groin kick. We practiced each (my partner was Ed – he’s getting good at striking) and then we did getting up from the ground, split the class in half, and did a stress drill where the person in the middle would get up from ground fighting position and start striking, while people around the circle interrupted them and got them to do either palm heel strikes or groin kicks to their tombstone pad. I thought the kicks would hurt my thumb but it was fine.

Then we did defense against the carotid choke. I did good. Other guys had trouble with the pluck. Ed and I got teamed up with Steve because big Brian’s calf was bothering him and he had to duck out.

To finish the day we did gun defense from the side. First in front of the arm, and then behind the arm. Behind the arm was new to me, but it’s just a turn and burst in and wrap. It was during this last one that Steve threw a kick and it contacted with my sore thumb and BOOM I had to sit out of the rest of the class. At least I didn’t come out with any new injuries.

Krav Maga class 14: sparring and getting my ass kicked

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

All sparring all night. I jammed my thumb in the warm up, and that hurt a lot.

Tig got his back tweaked by Larry after he kicked me in the face. That hurt a lot too.

John tagged me and I tagged him back a couple times. I did well there.

Anthony got me a couple times. I got him several times.

We did 2-on-1 drills. I got to attack Susan and she kicked me in the groin. I kicked her groin later too.

When I was in the middle, it was against Larry at first, and he lit me up. Then Susan joined in and they teamed up and pummeled me. My face is still swollen.

Finally, we did wrist release for the last 2 minutes of class. I could barely stand, my legs were so weak.