It’s Tuesday again. Maintenance day. Yesterday Joel installed and configured phpBugTracker on our lab server. This involved hours and hours of puzzling over why Apache wasn’t responding to changes in its config file (answer: there were two versions of apache installed and guess which one wasn’t running), wondering why php pages were being served raw and unprocessed (answer: php wasn’t installed), struggling to get phpBugTracker to connect to the database (surprisingly, MySQL wasn’t installed either) and a long list of more trivial disconnections and missing dependencies. At the end of the day, it turned out that several hours of hacks and soft links and reinstalls could have been replaced by three config file adjustments. That’s computers for you.

It’s been getting colder. Seems like I write more blog entries during times like this. The dropping temperature seems to put me in a morose, contemplative mood. Watching the world begin to die.

My daughter is fussing in the next room. My wife just walked out of that room and went back in with a tool of some kind. My sense of self preservation is keeping me from inquiring further.

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it just doesn’t let up does it?

This morning was rough.

It started early with a trip to the pediatrician. With our regular pediatrician on vacation, there was some mixup as to who would see our girl, how we would pay for it, what her name was, how to spell her name (Sangeeta still can’t spell it), and what the name of the substitute doctor was. I almost screamed.

It turns out that Saranya shrank half an inch and gained 3 pounds since last time we visited. Needless to say, they aren’t too careful when they weigh and measure the babies. Oh yeah, and this time they didn’t make us strip her nekkid so she was wearing a diaper, onesie, sweater, and pants-with-built-in-socks to help with her ballast. In the end she got three shots and did a whole lot of crying. And she has wax in her ear.

Then I tried to get my foot X-rayed, but my doctor had failed to fill out the paperwork so the X-ray tech wouldn’t do the job.

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adjectivish nouns verbing adverbly

Article adjectivy pluralnouns verbed adverbly preposition the noun. Pluralpronouns verbed adjectively.

Pronoun verb adverb interjection!

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What’s the difference between forgetting something and never having known it in the first place?

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plantar fascitis

I’ve been diagnosed with plantar fascitis. It’s been disabling me for months and I had no idea what was going on, except that my foot kept hurting for no good reason. I suspect the blame for it can be laid upon my old worn-out shoes, which I replaced a month after symptoms occurred. That was back in March though, and it’s been half a year since then. So now I’m doing stretches and exercises in addition to taking ibuprofen in large doses.

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Happy Friday

It’s time to get back into writing a regular blog.

Saranya is getting bigger and better developed. This morning she rolled over onto her tummy (with a little help) and held her upper body off the ground by resting on her elbows! Before today she’d just lie on her face with her arms lying limp at her sides, and she’d kick her feet and arch her back to lift her head off the ground a bit. This was a big step for her.

Work is going pretty well. Today I finally converted my main coding project from VC6 to VC8 and got it to work! I’m finally using a modern compiler again.

We’re about to get a new contract with a major corporation. I’m not supposed to talk about the details, but it’s going to keep us quite busy for some time. Mainly me, since I’m doing all the programming. I’m going to need a new computer system soon though, since VC8 doesn’t run on my old work computer (Win2k). I’d better get shopping.

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