Prayer vs. Hard Work –

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What is your favorite bible fairy tale? – Yahoo! Answers

What is your favorite bible fairy tale? – Yahoo! Answers

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Quotes used in The Millenium Project

Quotes used in The Millenium Project – 1 to 100

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Minesweeper: Advanced Tactics

Minesweeper: Advanced Tactics

I like playing Minesweeper. This guy goes into some detailed but not difficult statistics to try to figure out a difficult board position, and the thinking is fascinating, but I would have quickly hit the 50/50 choices (bottom center and top left) and if I survived those, I’d have hit the bottom-right corner square next. It’s got a better than 90% chance to not be a mine, and 60% chance to not be adjacent to a mine (thus opening more free squares and yielding more information about the remaining mine placement).

Of course, if one of those 50/50/90 choices had got me blown up, I’d have just started a new game.

One variant I like to play is where you don’t mark the positions of known mines, leaving them unmarked until the end when you’ve clicked off all the non-mine squares one by one. It’s quite difficult and often slower than the marking method (you can’t use the trick of clicking both buttons to reveal all unmarked adjacent squares) but it sure is a memory challenge. If you like playing minesweeper, you should try it.

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We have a chalk board on an easel in our living room. Sangeeta uses it to write words for things that Saranya is familiar with, like yogurt, egg, happy, etc.

The other day, Saranya was rubbing the chalkboard and getting her hand all covered with chalk dust. Then she went to show her hand to mommy. “What’s that on your hand, Saranya?” asked mommy.

“Egg!” explained Saranya.

(She had erased the word “egg” with her fingers!)

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I’m Dog

Saranya woke me up by licking my face. When I spluttered and looked her in the face, she proudly shouted “I’m dog!” and started panting.

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The Great House Hunt

I haven’t been posting anything here because of a couple reasons.

  1. I’m very busy
  2. Every day is a lot like the last

I’ve been keeping my head down, supporting my family, crafting a lot of Actionscript 3 code, learning PHP 5, saving money, trying to manage my stress in some way other than eating too much food, and playing World of Warcraft in my spare time.

Oh, and I also decided that I was going to buy a house in 2008. It’s my annual resolution. We’re mainly looking for places in West San Fernando Valley, since it’s near my parents’ house. There are so many short sales on the market right now. I’m sure they won’t all go through, and that’s an indicator that the economy is going to go even farther down the drain soon. Better news for me, unless I lose my job somehow.

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