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diseased perspective

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

I’m getting over a cold. It seems that every time Saranya brings something home from daycare, it infects and sickens me.

Maybe it’s the illness, but I’m developing a new perspective on things. My apartment is cluttered and tainted by spilled milk, my laundry is (mostly) soiled and worn out, I eat the same kinds of things every day that I ate the previous day. I spend my free time reading, playing games, or hanging out with my family. We occasionally have a freakout and have to leave the apartment to get some change of scenery. One of our ongoing goals is to protect the world from the inconvenience of our child until she’s developed and trained enough to do this for herself.

Saranya is quite a clown. She likes to wear a bucket on her head while she plays. She’s getting interested in books, which she sits and “reads” in the dark. She sometimes walks around with a rubber band hanging out of her mouth and wiggling. She’s figured out how to turn off the TV but not how to turn it on. She can put a video tape into the VCR. She still really likes bouncing. She makes funny babble noises, and talks to me in the same “monster” voice that I use when I play with her. She likes taking things and putting them in or behind other things. I think she may have thrown away my sunglasses. All my guitar picks are gone. She makes me show her my hand when I’m playing guitar, to make sure I don’t have a pick. If I do have one, she has to take it and put it somewhere hidden. I used to know her hiding spots but not anymore. Maybe I’ll find a pick this evening…