Come and play chess with me!

I’ve been playing online chess for the last couple weeks. It’s pretty low pressure (one move per 3 days is the fastest mandatory pace, and some games are slower) and I find my game has improved greatly. Come and try me. ;)

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breathing again

After Tuesday morning (which turned out to be a what’s-the-word-for-not-as-exciting-as-it-was-pitched?)
sort of a disappointment, but not really. All the pressure we’d been assured was going to be on us…wasn’t there. We were basically spanking it through a basic demo to people who had already seen and heard it many times. LAME!

So I went to the doctor on Wednesday, and I’m now uncomfortably aware that I do not have an enlarged prostate or colon cancer. I’ll leave it at that.

Next I get to go to the dentist for three small fillings. Very nice. What a week, huh?

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There’s a big push at work this week. We’re behind and it’s all my fault. Not only did I set the deadline we’re about to miss, but I was slow in finishing the previous project which delayed the current project to the point where we are currently.


So it looks like there goes my weekend. Most of it anyway. I’m supposed to go to see Serenity on Sunday, and I think I’ll have time for that. Ah fudge it, I’ll make time!

I should also mention that I’m hooked on an Internet chess site. I just got a (provisional) rating (1348) last night when I finished my fifth game, and though there are almost 10000 players with a higher rating than me, I’ve only been participating there for a couple weeks now. I’m certain my rating will improve from where it is now. They start you at 1200 for your first 5 games, and then it’s the average of your opponents’ ratings until 20 games (x+/-400 for wins/losses (x+/-200 for wins/losses against provisional opponents)) After 20 games it’ll lose its “provisional” modifier and just be an ELO chess rating.

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More music to download!

I’ve remixed and rewritten a lot of Sensory Experience. More cool quotes from Dr. Kellman, and a much much better mix IMHO.

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happy brain death

That’s me right about now. Happy brain death.

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new music!

I spent the last couple days creating music. The first two songs I wrote were techno songs, because those are really easy to make. Greg spent Saturday with me, showing me how to use the software tools effectively, and how to build a conventional techno song. I learned so much it’s leaking out of my ears right now!

All the music is sampled or synthesized, and then programmed/sequenced. None of it was performed by me in any live sense. I’ll get some of that recorded and posted soon, I hope. It’s what I’ve been dying to do for years but didn’t have the facilities or know how. I believe I soon will, however.

In the meantime, you can download my music FREE!

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human doings

Men need to be useful; women need to be understood.

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so it has come to this

Sangeeta’s car has started acting up lately. There’s some sort of a short circuit in the electrical system that’s draining her battery intermittently and causing it to fail to start. It’s now in the shop.

I’m really looking forward to the new NHL season which starts tonight.

My work has changed gears and I’m working on a different project. This one is a major systems integration that I’ve sort of done before but it’s been a couple years and I don’t remember how I did it last time! I’m hoping I can pick it up as I go…

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another weekend report

Saturday was supposed to be the day when I finally got to play music with Mark and Teetee. Mark writes really neat, folksy songs with very unusual key changes, and I’ve been dying for some tutoring from him to see how he does it. Teetee is an amazing singer and just an all around pleasure to be with. I was really looking forward to it.

Then Mark crashed his scooter and injured his hand. Our music plans went up in smoke.

To help cheer Mark up, and to have an excuse to hang out with those guys, Sangeeta and I decided we’d make them some momo. Momo, for those of you who haven’t heard of it, is a Nepali dumpling (wonton wrapper filled with ground turkey, vegetables, and spices, then steamed and served with chutney (sort of like salsa)). We decided that Teetee’s apartment was most convenient for all concerned, since she lives about midway between us and Mark. So we went to her place and cooked. She and Mark bought all the ingredients, and we brought the hardware and some of the spices.

It went really well. The chutney was tomato heavy but was probably the best I’ve had. The turkey that Mark got was very high quality organic turkey, and it made for very delicious momo. Everyone helped, and making them was almost as fun as eating them. Afterward, we hung out and helped Teetee get ready for Scott’s birthday outing. When she left, so did we.

Sunday we visited my parents and their new pets. After Georgie died, they adopted his two dogs and one cat. The cat’s having some adjustment problems, but the dogs seem happy as anything. I enjoyed playing with them. Rob and Jenn (my brother and his new wife) also hung out, and we all went to dinner where we met Greg and Sam. I found out that Greg got a job as a school teacher! That’s just about the most unlikely job I could imagine for him, but as I think about it I find that it makes a certain kind of sense. He’s a good guy, and maybe he really does like kids after all…

So that was my weekend. It was good. I can tell because yesterday (Monday) sucked really bad. Sarala spent the day at my place while Sangeeta worked, and it was all I could do to not go postal. I ended up hanging out in the lab all afternoon. Sure enough, she was still there when I got back. *sigh*

Today’s a little better. I sent off some files to Phil, which will hopefully solve some problems he’s been having with my vocabulary application. I’m crossing my fingers.

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Eternal Philosophical Questions

Eternal Philosophical Questions

(hopeless tender yearnings)

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