KM class 6: focus mitts, long gun, and stick-on-stick

Tonight’s class was a technical class, and while it did get me sweating and breathing hard, I was able to keep up with everything.

Starting out with shadow boxing, then shoulder tag, then focus mitts with 1-2 combo, a hook defense, and another immediate 1-2 combo. My footwork needs a lot of work, but I did okay.

Next we did long gun defense, and learned a bit of history. It seems that KM Alliance is teaching a new method of long gun defense – redirect, wrap for control, attack and take away. The old way was more of a hand grab thing rather than a wrap, so the new system gives you more control of the weapon. I got a gnarly bruise on my right bicep. It’s a red mottled welt. I’m icing it.

The finale was stick-on-stick defense. The technique (overhand attack blocked crosswise overhead, followed by redirect and strikes) comes from old bayonet moves, since after WWII the Israeli military had a lot of surplus German bolt action rifles with bayonets.

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