KM Class 8: focus mitts w/ ground, armbar and triangle from guard, mounted knife defense

My 8th class since I started up Krav Maga again. Jeremy taught. We started with shadow boxing, then shoulder tag. Susan chastised me for blocking.

Next up was focus mitts with grappling gloves. We did combos mixed with going to the ground and machine gunning punches. On the ground we were either on top or bottom, guard or mount. It was seriously exhausting. I was paired up with John and he pushed me to keep going through the 3 minute drill. Exhausting, but I made it. I’m getting better!

After that we started ground work. First was armbar from the guard. I got to practice it with John and Adam, so I didn’t practice that much, but I got my neck cranked and it popped. Let’s see how bad it hurts tomorrow. I’m icing my back and neck right now and I had an ibuprofen.

After armbar from the guard, we worked on triangle from both sides. I was seriously rusty with the BJJ stuff. It felt alien after all the time off.

Finally we did defense against mounted knife attack (in the last 5 minutes of the class, when apparently Susan always injures Larry) and Adam wasn’t committing to his knife strikes so I couldn’t wrap his arm. I should have bucked my hips to get him to fall forward! Didn’t realize until after class was over.

I got to listen to the Kings play the Ducks on the radio on the way over and on the way back. Got home in time to watch the 3rd period on TV. Kings lost in 3-on-3 OT when Ehrhoff left Perry alone in front of the net.

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