805BJJ Class 3: closed guard, the wall, arm drag

Saturday noon class. I paired up with old man Mike.

We started with shrimping for a warm up, but that didn’t last long.

First we learned closed guard and building “the wall”. Crossed ankles, heels digging into spine. Use it to break down the base, break their posture and lean them forward onto you.

Next we learned to deflect them, grab their collar deep and pull their sleeve across their body to limit their available weapons.

From there we learned to scoot our butt to the dead side, push their far knee out from under them, and slide onto their back.

We also learned open guard with feet on hips or shoulders/biceps.

From there, we learned to drop our feet to butterfly hooks, sit up, grab the collar and sleeve, sit out, and arm drag them forward while we scoot around onto their back.

At the end, we did some situational rolling. My guard passing started to come back to me, as well as the realization and avoidance of some bad moves. I got into side control a couple times, and got back mount on Mike a couple times. No submissions though. We’ll work our way up to that. Just got to keep going to class. I’m only a week behind most of the earliest students.

Then when I left I forgot to bring my gi top. Doh!

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