805BJJ Class 11: long turtle tip, guillotines

Mark was glad to see me come back. He even brought in some weight plates to show me an exercise to strengthen my upper core (awesome!).

We first covered tipping the turtle. Instead of going knee-to-knee and rolling the turtle guy over, instead we took a wide base and pulled the turtle over hard, then pulled them up onto our lap, got the upper hook, and then rolled over to make it the lower hook. The lower hook is the key to controlling the hips and putting them on the rack.

Then we learned some guillotine techniques. Standing guillotine, north-south stand-up guillotine, double-leg takedown guillotine.

I didn’t roll at the end of class, but Mark stayed for a minute to show me the exercise he wants me to do every warmup. Take a plate and circle it around your head (both ways) while keeping your head in a neutral position.

Afterward, my rib feels a little tender. Good thing I get to rest it until next Tuesday.

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