805BJJ Class 9: Side Control Bottom Defense

Jumped in at the last second for this one. There were a lot of advanced students, including a guest black belt whose name I forgot. Chris? Anyway, Rick was there. He’s that 6’4″ monster from Krav Maga, but today I found out that he’s also a purple belt in BJJ. NOT FAIR! He’s too awesome.

We started with some hip scoots and my left glute was screaming at me. The hyperextended left elbow was just a constant ache. The sprained finger was fine though, and no twinges whatsoever from the calf!

So the whole class we drilled defense from side control. Rotate for the underhook. Paste it to the back, turn in, get to the knees, and sweep/pass/pull guard. I paired with Josh again, and he was a good training partner.

After all that, it was live rolling. I had to leave early so I only did 2 rounds. First round was with the new black belt whose name I forgot already dammit. He showed me how to retain guard, starting guard passes and letting me try to recover. That was awesome. I learned a lot.

Second and last round was with Rick the, well, monster purple belt. I tried to keep him in my guard using all those techniques the black belt showed me, but eventually he got past and submitted me with a couple of neat moves. First an arm bar, and second a fist in the neck. After that I had to leave to get Sangeeta and Saranya from school, and take them to get Sangeeta’s car out of the shop.

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