Dad in hospital

On Wednesday, my dad was transported to the hospital. He was weak and swollen and confused. Matt was worried so he called me. Rob was in Las Vegas for his new job. I convinced Matt to call 911 and he did it.

Now my dad’s recovering in a hospital bed. I can’t get word from a doctor, and the nurses don’t seem to know anything beyond immediate care issues. Apparently he’s not in imminent danger.

Last night he called Matt and told him to pick him up at Mason and Victory. Matt panicked and told Sangeeta to come pick dad up, because he couldn’t. Sangeeta did a reality check and convinced Matt to call the hospital to see if he was still there. Well, turns out he was still at the hospital.

Note that every time Matt has to do something, he has to first be convinced to do it. He’s very reluctant to make any action decisions on his own. He passes all the stress on to me, amplified. I’m stressed, and it feels like my body has started to fall apart. I’m planning to do Krav Maga training later today, but I’m very afraid that parts of me are going to break.

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