Krav Maga class 34: thai pads, brown belt kicks

First class back after injury! 3.4 weeks off and I jumped back in today.

TJ taught the class, and we had a fun warm up that culminated with a 3-way medicine ball toss between me, Thomas, and Melissa.

We moved on to thai pads. Melissa is a southpaw, and I was holding 3 combos for her and 3 combos for Thomas (who’s a righty) so it was more than a little disconcerting. Still, it got me some practice in a low stress environment, and neither of those guys were kicking through me or punching my shoulders off. Good things on a first day back.

Thomas had asked TJ about brown belt kicks and combos, so we went over several of those. Step-in front leg front kick. Scissoring knee. Outside slap kick + front kick. Outside slap kick + round kick. I did great on the slap kick, despite my gimpy knee. It feels wonky now but not too bad.

No stress drills though. TJ promised us 2 drills in the next class.

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