Krav Maga Class 57: shadow boxing, level 1 chokes, outside thai pads and sparring, being mounted defenses

TJ’s Saturday morning class. I went in feeling pretty good after 3 straight days of very very VERY sore thighs from medicine ball squats.

Started with shadow boxing, then added small hand weights and continued shadow boxing. Good shoulder workout I guess. Mixed in calisthenics, then stretching.

Partnered up with Ray and went back and forth with level 1 chokes. I forgot the “shoot the arm up, bicep to ear” bit from the push from behind, and I couldn’t get the basket action right because Ray kept pulling his hands back. Other than that, I felt I did a pretty good job.

Then we gloved up, got thai pads, and went outside to the back alley to do some combinations on rough terrain under the sun. Ray was all about staying in the shade (Thanks Ray!) but he was very inventive about the terrain and the combinations. I like Ray. :) After the first round of combos, we added kicks in as finishing moves.

Then we geared up fully for some one minute sparring. I sparred with Ray, Mike, Scott, Ronnie, and Rick. Rick was in sandals, and he was still a monster. Very scary.

Then it was back into the cool classroom to get back on the mat and go over some ground defense. One guy on top with boxing gloves would mount the defender and rain down strikes, while the guy on bottom would defend by moving and blocking. I did pretty good. Ray took a few blows more, but he was also decent. Then we added the buck/trap/roll defense and practiced that. Then we switched partners for the mounted rape choke defense, so Mike and I practiced that a bit. That’s a move I don’t ever anticipate having to put into practice.

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