805BJJ Class 34: Guard passing and retention, rolling

I got in 5 minutes early, when Christian moved the KM ALL class to the back room. I donned my gi, grabbed a broom, and swept the mat.

We warmed up with pair drills, hip escapes and guard passes. That was both the warm-up and the technical material of the class. Then we rolled.

I rolled with Josh first, starting on top of open guard, and passing to side control. I did pretty well, getting submitted at the end, and in between I attained mount and got a wicked mat burn on my left foot as he scooted across the mat with my foot trapped underneath. At the end, he tapped me out with I can’t remember what.

I sat out the next roll and put some hand sanitizer on the missing skin. After that I rolled with Victor, Phil, Chris, small Andrew, and Brandon. Brandon’s rib was messed up so we went light, but his weight is still putting me into panic mode when he leans it on me. It was Victor’s 2nd class ever, so I told him some basics about side control and mount. Phil and Chris both taught me techniques. Andrew tapped me with a triangle. I basically survived!

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