Krav Maga Class 86: footwork shapes, tombstone strikes, shuffle front kick, bursting front kick, focus mitts, gun from the front

Christian taught this Saturday morning class. We had to grab a tombstone pad, put it on the ground, and move around it in fighting stance (either squares while facing the mirror, or circles while facing the pad). We alternated various footwork drills with paired tombstone striking. Palm strikes, hammer fists, elbows, front kicks. We mixed in some shadow strikes with the footwork movement around the tombstone pads.

We paired up to do shuffling front leg front kicks, then we moved on to bursting back leg front kicks.

Mouth guards in, getting hit in the face drill. Andrew messed me up. Elbows to the ear, knuckles to the eyeballs. Not very nice. I was much nicer to him. Christian pulled his typical “switch drills before 2nd guy goes” after Andrew ripped my body with uppercuts under my sore ribs.

Next, focus mitts on and straight attacks on a moving defender. Inside defenses and movement drill. Andrew did well. After that, combos and outside defenses. I did okay, but I took a focus mitt to the eyeball once and that also sucked.

Finally, we did gun defense from the front. Redirecting to live side, pin it to the belly while striking. Redirecting to the dead side, both hands on the gun for control while counterattacking. We then took it outside to do a live drill, and that’s where it ended.

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