Krav Maga Class 89: shadow boxing, maneuvering combos, Bas on the bag, front leg kick+bursting strike+body hook combo, inside defense and combo, gun from the front

Got in early and saw Brandon behind the desk. I started moving around on the mat and noticed a couple dust bunnies and grabbed a broom to start sweeping. Brandon said he’d pay Saranya a KMX buck for my efforts.

Class started and we jumped into jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, and shadow boxing, doing it as a circuit 3x. The shadow boxing included limits on strikes, including left arm+left leg, right arm+right leg, left arm+right leg, etc. Interesting. I need to work on my push ups.

Then we moved across the mat doing front leg kick, burst 1-2 combo. Next time across was the same but with switched stance. Next time across was focused on footwork, with step left, right, and burst forward in a 1-2. Then back again with reverse stance. Last 2 times across were spinning hook kicks. I NEED to work on my hip flexibility.

Drink of water and put on gloves while Brandon pulled out heavy bags. We did two 3-minute rounds of Bas Rutten’s boxing workout. First round orthodox and second round southpaw. Trying to interpret the commands was tricky, and I failed a few times, but tryign to reverse the combinations on the fly was really hard.

Next was MMA gloves and a single focus mitt. Yas and I practiced the combination of front leg kick + bursting cross, then front leg kick + bursting elbow + liver shot. Brandon corrected my posture in that after my burst, I was not recovering my fighting stance to throw the liver shot. I tried to correct it, but I didn’t do a very good job of it. Need to focus on bursting and throwing left that hook to the body with proper stance.

After that we did inside defense and following with the combination we just drilled (or something like it, whatever). After a couple rounds of that, we did gun from the front and saw how it was a lot like inside defense and counters.

I felt like I could have trained BJJ right afterward but decided to hold myself back and keep building steadily. If I can get 3 classes in this week, I’ll try a back-to-back next Tuesday.

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