805BJJ Class 40: guard pathways, top pathways, turtle to guard recovery (turning in place), back defense and escape

Christian’s Tuesday morning BJJ class started immediately after KM93, while I was still changing into my gi. Greggo’s girlfriend (I guess?) was there and commented on my taking two classes in a row, and how that’s impressive. I said we’d see how well I survived. She said it’s all in the head, right? I replied that it’s usually all in my joints. :P

Anyway, Diego and I finally got changed and on the mat (Emily was already changed and participating) and we started in on the guard pathways. I forgot my knee pads, in my hurry, and I felt their absence. No big deal from the bottom, but then we went to the top circuit and I got paired with Brandon the larger. I put on the right knee pad and I was mostly okay.

Christian tried to show us how to roll in place to go from turtle to recovering guard. Greggo augmented the discussion by illustrating the hip-knee-elbow-shoulder triangle that you should maintain. I tried it with big Brandon and it kind of went okay.

After that we did hand fighting to defend our neck and collar from someone on our back. Diego put me on the rack and stretched my spine during a hand fighting drill. I feel angry about that injustice, but I’m not in a position to get one back on him, and since I got the better of him in our roll last week, maybe I should just think of it as even.

Finally we focused on escaping from being back mounted. Arch to the bottom arm side, get the shoulders to the mat, block the leg from mount, and recover a guard. Brandon crushed my sore arm and mounted me, and I was done.

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