805BJJ Class 54: arm bar drills, 45 minutes of rolling, 2nd stripe

Woke up Thursday feeling a tiny bit sore since Tuesday’s class, but not too bad. Went early to get gas at Costco.

Coach Mark came, but his knee was messed up so Greggo taught most of the class. After warm up, we did the alternating arm bar spins drill, then arm bar from the guard finishes, then sweep arm bar, then triangles. Then we rolled.

First roll was Cosmo, who got straight from the knees to side control and smashed me. I kept trying to recover guard but he persisted really well, eventually tapping me from pressure.

Next roll was with Phil. I jumped onto his back and was doing alright, but he got me in a kimura grip and was able to use that to get back to guard, and the round ended before he could turn it into a finish. Coach Mark admired his use of that grip. He said I looked good and had lost weight. I maybe lost some fat, but the scale still reads 227.8 lbs. or so.

Next roll was with Dave. He asked what weight class I was in. I told him the 227 number was without the gi, but lean I’d probably be about 175 lbs. He said that was the same as him – he used to weigh 225 lbs. but he’s dieted down to 178 lbs. now. He had a strained back, and our roll started out in unlit territory (I had him in my butterfly guard) and I was thinking of flipping him over his head but didn’t because I didn’t know if it would hurt him. Anyway, I eventually got on top and threatened attacks until the end of the round.

Next roll was with Cosmo again. He again got me down and straight into side control. He again started crushing me mercilessly. But this time he made a mistake in going for a submission, and I got on top and into side control. I then crushed him mercilessly. It eventually forced him to turn away, and I was able to get mount. He tried a collar choke from below, and I was pursuing submissions until the end of the round.

I took the next roll off and talked with Chris a little bit. Then we rolled during the next slot. He started in seated guard, and was able to sweep me and submit me pretty quickly. Then I was able to push him down and throw his feet to the side, and we fought for side control until the end of the round.

At the end of class we did 80 crunches, lined up, and I was awarded my 2nd stripe on my white belt. The first stripe took me 21 classes, and the 2nd one took me 33 classes. At this rate, I should be a blue belt in another 2 years.

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