805BJJ Class 55: osotogari, randori, arm bar, roll

Dragged myself in a little early because I felt very crappy, but wanted to train anyway. When I got there, I realized that I forgot my knee pads. I warmed up in the small room until Christian took the Krav class in there and kicked us out onto the main mat. Chris and I did some light rolling before class to sort of warm up. He complimented me on my good defense, and impressed me with his variety of attacks from below. He helped me clean up my bow and arrow choke, which I sunk for the first time on him.

Class started, and Greggo warmed us up by running us around the mat. We warmed up until the Krav folks got changed and joined the class. Then Christian taught us Osotogari, and a cheating hopping version. It’s very difficult to execute successfully. We did about 15 1-minute rounds of randori (takedown sparring) and I didn’t hit it once. I got a couple decent takedowns (mostly on Matt) and I got taken down a few times (once spectacularly by Matt, with a hip toss) and mostly I defended myself pretty well. I did try a few single leg takedowns, and bruised my knee on the mat (no knee pads).

Then we did arm bar drills. I teamed up with Dave, and my key insight was that I need to locate my pelvis at the elbow of the arm to be barred. Also, keep your stepping-up knee close to the controlled arm.

Then we rolled.

I rolled with Dave first. My knee was keeping me on my back, and I tapped to a kimura that I couldn’t defend without hurting my knee worse. Other than that, I did alright. Maintained guard longer than I used to.

I rolled with Aaron next. I did some good guard stuff. Stayed very active, broke his posture, and tried attacking with sweeps, but was rebuffed by my bruised knee. I sat out the last round with ice on my knee, then changed and went home. Nobody bowed out of class. TJ and Greggo were left on the mat, going over techniques, when I left.

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