805BJJ Class 56: bottom roadmap, active transitions from closed guard, rolling

I came in feeling structurally unsound. I remembered my knee pads at least. Tested that out early, and the knee seemed fine. I started warming up on the small mat until Christian took the Krav Maga class in there. After that, I swept the big mat until Greggo started the class with a running warm up, then shrimps across the mat, then reverse shrimps, then somersaults, then fall breaks, then shoulder rolls.

After that, Christian suited up and had us do the transitions from side control bottom to half guard to open (butterfly) guard to full guard, then back to butterfly guard, then back to half guard on the other side and let the top person pass to side control. I don’t yet have a reflex to grab the underhook in half guard, but I was able to do the transitions pretty well. EDIT: I met Archie again, but kept forgetting his name! I kept thinking “Aaron, Andrew, A…” but couldn’t come up with “Archie” until it finally popped back into my head the next morning.

The next drill was to go from closed guard to open guard with feet on the hips and gi grips. I did this okay but was not good at scooting my own butt back so that it was behind my own shoulders. I need to work on this.

The last drill was to go from closed guard to half guard before your opponent opened your closed guard. I ended up working on this a lot during the subsequent rolls, and I discovered that I really suck at half guard.

Anyway, rolls. Started rolling against TJ and he tapped me about 3 times with some arm bar submissions he learned last Sunday at the JJ seminar. Humbling.

Next roll was with Cosmo, who tapped me with an Americana from side control top (I maneuvered him from half guard to side control with a stupid improvised technique that turned out to be a bad idea) and a Kimura from half guard bottom. He also cracked my neck with a cross face, and surprisingly my neck felt better leaving than when I went in! Hope it stays better!

I sat out the round after that, then came back and rolled with Matt, who I tried real hard to gi choke off the jump, but gave up when he didn’t tap. That gassed me out, and I ended up on side control bottom with no energy to move at all.

Last roll was with Dave, and that was a fun one. We each got sweeps, and I almost finished an arm bar on him from mount, but he wiggled out. I need to establish my control of the arm a little earlier and a little better in the future.

805 rash guards are coming in tomorrow!

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