805BJJ Class 57: fireman’s carry takedown, randori, de la riva guard, rolling, rash guards

I left the house today and got onto the freeway just as I realized I forgot my mouthguard. Oops. Turned around and went home to fetch it.

Still made it to class on time. Early enough to change and watch the end of TJ’s Krav Maga class. After they cleared off the mat, we got on and lined up. Class started with a breathing instruction. In through the nose, out through the mouth. We did some running, interspersed with partner grip finding, then grip fighting.

First technique of the day was the fireman’s carry takedown. From the standard judo grip, take the overhook on the steering hand, push your partner back, and when they push forward to recover, you duck under the overhooked arm (keeping it tight to your body) at the same time your opposite side leg kneels and you duck your head under their arm pit and reach down and underhook their leg. Then, you stick out your overhook-side leg and rotate your upper body over it, taking your opponent over with you, and you end up on top in side control.

I drilled the takedown with Greggo, and accidentally got my eyeball scraped. I was so awkward. It was terrible.

After that, we got into randori. I survived against Aaron and Matt, getting them to turtle after failing takedowns. Greggo might have gotten me down once but I got a good sprawl on his single and stayed up. Sean launched a 5-throw combo that ended with me crashing down into the ground. Very impressive! Cosmo and I mostly stalemated, though I did end up on the back of his turtle. I wasn’t trying many takedowns, actually. At the last, I went vs. Ashish, and I was able to turn his osotogari and just push him over, and I ended the randori with a fireman’s carry takedown just like we did in drills!

Then it was back to the classroom, where we learned the de la Riva guard and a basic sweep from that guard. I practiced it with Christian, and it was pretty easy. The hardest part was getting into that guard, wrapping my big left foot with the sore big toe around the forward leg. Not fun!

After that, we rolled.

Who did I roll with?
Cosmo – heavy on top but I survived
Matt – good top half guard and good bottom side control. I submitted him with an Americana after a very slow tightening.
TJ – I stayed in his guard for about 4 minutes before getting bored and letting him arm bar me. Then he almost passed my guard but I swept him.
Sean – I got mounted and arm triangled, tapping early. He was surprised I tapped, but I realized he’d passed all my defenses and I wasn’t getting out.
Cosmo – we were both tired and he ended up on top, being hard to move off
Aaron – we flowed at about 30% and it was a good recovery round while he was having heart problems

After class I bought the new 805BJJ rash guard (size XXL) and also got one for Saranya, to gift her on her birthday (so don’t tell her!)

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