805BJJ Class 64: rolling

I got on the mat after KM105 just after the circle run. Finished the warm ups and coach Mark sent us to just roll. Ten 5-minute rounds. First round 50% I went with Shabbar (strategically – 50%!) and he dominated me pretty well. His knee on belly pressure is intense.

After that it was full combat. I rolled with Matt, and it was a good battle all the way through. His hip mobility has improved greatly.

I took a round off after that.

Next was Sean, who tapped me repeatedly. Effortlessly.

After that I rolled with Richard (big blue belt) who wrecked me in half guard. He gave me some pointers.

The next round we ended up together again, and he locked me down in half guard some more.

Last round I paired up with Desi. She’s a little orange belt. I went really slow, and she smartly played an open guard. She tried a scissor sweep on me, and I told her she needed to pull my weight over her more to break my posture before it would work. Later she tried the waiter sweep, and again I reminded her to pull me forward to get my weight over her to roll me over. Then in side control I tried the chewjitsu sweep I saw on youtube yesterday. It was rough, so I asked if I could try it again. I explained what I was doing, and the second one landed her slowly on her head before she flopped over. We continued rolling and she got me in kesa gatame, so I reached behind to grab her belt, shrimped my hips next to hers, and rolled her over again. I explained what I did to her, and she thanked me for the tips.

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