805BJJ Class 66: no gi half guard sweeps, rolling

Started on the mat with just me and Rick as students, and Greggo teaching. Oh shit.

Stragglers started arriving as we did our warm up. Chris showed up, as did Eric and Ras. Also a couple of cops came in looking like pro MMA fighters. Oh shit.

Techniques demonstrated were half guard sweeps. Get the underhook and staple your shoulder/head to the top person’s chest. Then you can scoot to the side, switch feet and pull their trapped leg out to wreck their base, and then either get their back or tip them over and pass their guard. You may also be able to roll them over you.

Anyway, after that we rolled. I paired up with Ras first, and he calmly crossed his arms in front of his chest and sat down. Anything I tried to do, he weathered. Then when I got frustrated or bored, he’d come after me and make me move.

Next roll was with Rod, the bald MMA fighter looking guy. I actually did pretty well against him, though I’m sure he went easy on me because I’m old. I managed to recover my guard rather a lot.

I sat out the next round, then paired up with Rick. He sub’d me about 4 times before he just started giving me pointers.

Then I rolled with Brendan, who’s the new college student and who’s been doing BJJ for about 2 years on and off. Probably about the same amount of experience I have. I caught him in a kimura, which he didn’t recognize until I named it. I told him a few techniques you can hit when sitting up and reaching over a planted arm, and he was fascinated.

Then was Chris, who just started giving me pointers to enter his seated guard. Thanks, buddy. I’ll use that against you! He still got me in a good sweep though, and the landing hurt my left floating rib, which sticks out farther than my other ribs, and which I landed on. I’m okay though. I found myself continually turtling and getting D’arce choked. Guess that was last night’s class lesson. :P

I was about to roll with Eric, but Greggo had us line up and ended class 5 minutes early instead.

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