805BJJ Class 70: snatch single with Navy finish, RNC details, Iowa ride and twist to back control, rolling

Coach Mark taught this Saturday morning class. I got on the mat at the end of warm ups because of Krav Maga but we got right into a takedown for BJJ – the snatch single. Basically, you grab one leg and pull it to your chest, keeping your ear pasted to their chest and your spine straight and solid. They’ll just stand there on one foot, so you have to take them down. We learned the Navy finish (named because that’s how it’s named in wrestling) where you hook one leg around their raised leg at the same time your back arm seat belts their waist and your front arm reaches between their legs and folds their far knee for them and your head pushes them over.

Next we learned how you can use this in a BJJ situation – when a turtled opponent tries to tripod/quadpod and then stand up. Hook their near leg and seatbelt their waist, then when they go to fight your hands, reach through with your front hand and fold their knee into the Navy finish.

Next we went to the rear naked choke (RNC). Monkey grip their hand/thumb with your helper arm while you spider crawl the killing arm across their throat, cross body control with the top hook, put them on the rack and optionally finish by letting go their helper hand and pushing the back of their head to tighten the choke.

Finally, we learned how to take a guy from turtle to back control while already sinking in this choke. Go from Iowa ride (hooking his near leg with yours) and get a body hug, but with your far arm sinking between his legs and your near hand grabbing his near hand. Pull him toward you to open the far leg for hook insertion, then when you put in the hook you’re free to put that arm around his neck to become the kill arm. Roll him over that way (toward the hook) and you’re in the back control position we were practicing previously.

After that, we rolled. I started with my drilling partner: Colt. He babied me and coached me through the anaconda I locked up on him, so I just let it go. There was no point. He also gave me some wrestling pointers which I appreciated.

Next roll was with Sean, who choked me about 3 times and made me work hard. Can’t remember learning anything there except I hurt my ear again pulling out of a guillotine.

Next was Curtis, who got me first with a slick straight arm bar, then a quick kimura from guard, then a scrambly kimura from bottom half guard just at the end of the round.

Next round I couldn’t find a partner so I just watched.

Last round I went with TJ, who got me in an arm bar that I nearly slipped out of, but couldn’t sink in the move of the day. He’d get me on the rack and I’d turn my shoulders to the mat and ruin his choke.

At the end of class, we just walked around breathing and raising our arms over our heads.

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