805BJJ Class 75: butterfly guard arm drag sweep and closed guard pendulum sweep, rolling

I came in a few minutes early to warm up, but a few rounds of the small room turned my soles black, so I ended up sweeping the mat instead. Then the Krav Maga class moved outside so I swept the big mat.

Warm up went quick. My rolls were good. For the fall breaks, I did all left side for the practice.

Techniques were the butterfly guard setup to the arm drag. Cross collar and sleeve control, squeeze the knees while you open the guard, put the collar grip side leg on the ground (still pinching the knees) and hip out to put feet on the hips, push to sit up, put your non-gripping hand and the foot on that side on the mat so you can scoot your butt that way, put your other foot on the thigh above the knee, and pull the collar as you push the knee, dragging them down into the space you just scooted your butt out of. Continue to hold them down with the collar grip as you move onto their back.

The next variation we learned was to do a technical stand up from there, and maneuver right into wrapping their gi collar around their neck for a choke.

Then we learned the pendulum sweep from the closed guard. Take an elbow and knee grip with a high closed guard. Squeeze the knees and open the guard, putting the elbow-grip foot on the mat. Raise the knee-grip leg into the arm pit while lifting the knee and collapsing the false wall made by your other leg to perform the sweep.

Then we rolled. I started rolling with Christian, who was coming back from an injury. I managed to sweep him but then he swept me and got me with a paper cutter choke. He then explained that getting a near-side underhook is a bad idea, and if you get stuck that way, use that arm to block the bicep so they can’t get it under your shoulder.

Next was Tom, who’s still nursing a tweaked rib. He proceeded to hand me my ass with a couple of clock chokes (which I need to learn to defend better if I’m going to play turtle against him) and smashed me with knee-on-belly. Holy shit! He did not go easy despite his request to baby his rib. I was a bit surprised.

Then I rolled with Dave, got him in a solid kesa gatame eventually and didn’t let him out.

Next roll was Josh (cowboy). I tried a hip bump sweep but he posted his arm and stopped it. I jumped on it for a kimura and he protected it, so I finished the hip bump sweep and got on top of him. I did a slow and heavy guard pass to side control, but I kept removing the pressure and he’d start to recover guard. He told me to keep more pressure, which for sure is something I’m going to need to practice.

Last was Rick, who made me completely lose my Jiu Jitsu mind. I was in full chicken headed panic when he got on top of me, and he submitted me a bunch of times. Then he gave me some tips that I was too addled to absorb. That dude scares me stupid.

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