rib not broken!

Today they called me back from Urgent Care to tell me that the radiologist had looked over the xray and determined that there was no crack in the rib. I’m expecting a 3 week rest and recovery period that should end July 25th.

I also saw my regular doctor today, who admonished me to not stress my ribs until they’re pain-free. He’s going to recommend some physical therapy to see if there’s something they can do to rehab my upper back, which is still tight and messed up after my two years of displaced ribs. He checked my toes and recommended an xray to see what’s going on with them. He checked my rash and accidentally rolled his chair over my toe! Right after he finished looking at it! Haha! I think I need to see a doctor. Anyway, he said that the rash looked like healing contact dermatitis and was nothing to worry about.

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