805BJJ Class 80: arm bar from guard, rolling

Greggo’s Tuesday morning class started with me forgetting my flip-flops. Oops. I warmed up on the small mat and practiced my rolls and break falls. I talked to Carlo and found out he’s a Krav Maga instructor! Wow! That explains why rolling with him doesn’t feel anything like rolling with a one stripe white belt.

So class started. Almost all blue belts, except for Phil (5 stripes), me (4 stripes), and Carlo (1 stripe). I paired up with Chris, and we practiced the arm bar techniques that Greggo brought back from the BJJ camp. We learned to transition from closed guard to open guard with a deep collar and sleeve grip. We learned to transition from that open guard into the arm bar. We learned how to overcome a bunch of defenses and strip the arm loose of grips and such. Or scoot your butt closer under the shoulder to get better leverage to pull the arm free.

Rolling went okay, I guess. I scraped off a part of my left ring finger. I got submitted twice: once by Chris (1 stripe blue belt) and once by Carlo (1 stripe white belt). Survived against Jen and almost got her in an Americana. Rolled twice at the end with Aaron and mostly stalled and rested during the 2nd round.

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