805BJJ Class 81: Back attacking tricks with the meaty part of the hand, rolling

Greggo’s Tuesday morning class. I had to go back home for my wallet and phone, which I didn’t realize I’d forgotten until I was accelerating up the hill on the 23 and saw a cop flashing his lights on the shoulder.

I paired up with Phil and we learned a trick with back control. Peel the defending arm with your under-hand and grab their hand by the meaty part below the pinky. Lift their elbow with yours, and you can tuck their arm behind your leg. Then you have access to their undefended neck. You can also tuck their elbow behind your knee and lock it in by reaching your hand under your own leg to grab the lapel, then use your leg to pull your arm down to finish the choke. I didn’t feel very comfortable doing it to Phil.

Then we rolled. I had a competitive roll with Dave, starting in half guard bottom. We exchanged positions a few times, and I finished the round with perhaps my first ever butterfly sweep! I also rolled with Cowboy, Andrew, Carlo, and Brandon Sherman. Both Cowboy and Andrew advised me not to hang out in turtle, because there are just so many ways to attack it. Sherman just crushed me, did the move of the day, and submitted me.

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