805BJJ Class 83: side rolled away hand control chicken wing explorations, rolling, pulled oblique

Greggo led this Tuesday morning class. I came in with very little energy after Saturday’s death class, and I was apprehensive. With good reason, as it turned out, but I’ll get to that.

Warm up went okay. No dings. A little awkward. Then we got straight into the first technique, which was a review of last week’s hand grab from rolled away side control. Grip the meaty part of the top hand with your underhooking top hand, chicken wing them as your lower hand grabs their top collar, and use the hand leverage to pull their hand under them and roll them on top of it as you mount them and choke them out. Fun times. I drew Rick as a partner, and he was really gentle except when he was pulling me into position to start a drill. He leaned on my right side, and I felt a twinge of pain that would later blossom into difficulty sleeping, but I’m getting ahead of myself again.

The next technique we learned was another entry into the bow and arrow choke. Same setup but instead of mounting them, put your shins behind their head and back, grab their top pants leg above the knee, and just lean back to finish the choke.

Suppose you were unable to reach around and grip that upper collar. Well you can grab their lower sleeve instead. You can pull it under their head as you mount them, then reach under their head to trap it there, and then you can roll them onto their forearm with their elbow on the mat, and you can control them very well from there. When you’re ready to finish, loosen their arm that’s wrapping around their head, so that you can reach your free arm through and grab your own wrist of the hand that’s trapping their arm around their own head. That sets you up for the arm bar. Step over and keep your foot right at their neck, or Greggo puts it on their lower arm, to keep them from sitting up. Lean sideways to lever out of their saving grip, and finish.

You can also do another thing after grabbing the lower sleeve from turned away side control. You can pull your arm out from under their neck, and pin their neck down with your arm and their arm together (since you’re gripping their sleeve.) Then you can mount them, pull their arm from their neck to their triceps, thus pinning their other arm to their torso. Reach down with your free arm to grab the elbow of the arm whose sleeve you’re gripping, and turn them flat on their back under your mount. Then you can twist their arms into a propeller!

After all that goodness, we rolled. I started with Matt, and we had a competitive roll. I started in bottom side control, let him mount me, and upa’d him. I did all the stuff I wanted to do in re-establishing the guard! I stayed low, obtained biceps control, and then postured up. I was able to neutralize his guard with good posture and frame until the end of the round.

Next was Colt, and he came hard. I again started in bottom side control, and was able to hip escape to open guard, and then to a technical stand up. We dropped to the knees, and I tried for a guard pull into an arm drag sweep, but he stuffed that and I ended up in half guard. I got my underhook, and also underhooked his leg, but he smashed my shoulders and head to the ground. I struggled (at the urging of Cowboy, who kept telling me to roll him over) and tired excessively, having no energy and a sore side by the end of the roll.

Then I quit and went home.

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