Krav Maga Class 119: rope jumping, shoulder tag, belt pull striking, focus mitts, peripheral awareness, stacking multiple attackers

Curtis taught this Saturday morning class. We started with NASCAR running and turning left, then got jump ropes and started jumping, alternating with shoulder tag. I really suck at jumping rope, and kept hitting myself in the back of the head with my rope. It was exhausting. I guess I need to practice jumping rope.

We then teamed up and did belt pull striking. I held the pad for Rick, and he pulled the belt for me. I did alright, but Sangeeta felt so sorry for me that she went and brought me a Gu.

Next we got focus mitts and I paired up with Daniel. He needed work on not telegraphing his uppercut, and I needed to follow through on my punches despite him holding the pads way out in front of his body.

Then we did an attention drill where someone would hold mitts while the one behind them would hold up fingers or feet and the striker would have to call out the number of fingers or the side toward which the foot was raised.

The last drill was a multiple attackers drill, with stacking. Rick took it to the next level by pretending to come over the top with an imaginary chair or something. It was fun and scary.

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