805BJJ Class 90: guard sweep, guard drills

Big class on Saturday. All 3 coaches were present for the start of class. We’re still figuring out how to best do the 2 lines across the mat when we do hip escapes or whatever.

I paired up with Mike, the small blue belt who I’ve never seen before. Must have been a Greggo invite? Anyway, he was cool. We did a leg lift sweep, which is mostly like a flower sweep. Start from closed guard, get a cross collar grip and an elbow grip, let go of the cross collar grip and grab the pants leg, then put your feet on the ground while still squeezing with your knees, then lift the leg on the same side as the pants are grabbed. As you lift your leg, it pushes them off the leg you’re grabbing by the pants, letting you lift that up too and roll them over so you can mount them.

Next, Mark intervened and pointed out the detail of posture breaking and getting the collar grip. If you use both hands on the collar and pull down with your legs, you can get them to collapse past their hands which limits their ability to push back up. Lift their collar away from their neck and slip your hand in on the same side, then push their head under your gripping arm to make it a tight cross collar grip.

We then lined up and did a guard pass challenge drill. 5 guys went to spots on the mat, and then the rest of us formed a line to take turns replacing people. I was in the first 5 and I got paired up with Ray. The goal of the drill was to start in closed guard and either pass or get swept. Once that happened, the one who was passed or swept went back to the end of the line and the winner would stay on bottom for the next challenger. Well, Ray and I went for most of the time, and I was working hard for a wrestling double leg or single leg, but Ray defended and I ran out of energy and collapsed, despite Christian coaching me.

I got back in line and next got to go against Curtis. I kept him from sweeping me, then pressure passed him. He went back in line and I got Cosmo Jr. I was toying with him and maintaining guard when the drill ended.

Then we got into groups of 3 and did top bottom out. I was in the group with Matt and Casey. I’d go on top of Casey, and Matt would go on top of me. Well, I hip bump swept Matt once and mounted him, but didn’t try too hard from there because what the heck it’s a guard drill right? I never passed Casey’s guard and he never swept me. Matt did get me in an awkward spot where we got locked up, and I felt how crazy strong that guy is! Also, I got very tired.

When that drill ended, we had to immediately jog a few laps. Then I was toasted. I got off the mat and changed clothes. Coach Mark gave a speech about getting back in shape for the new year and to listen to your body, then he came over to me and complimented my Catmilton tshirt, and told me about a movie I should take my family to see, and that he was glad to see me in class. Thanks, coach.

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