805BJJ Class 91: Spider guard, Lasso Sweep, rolling

This was my first and only evening BJJ class at 805BJJ, and it was taught by coach Christian. We had a fun warmup that concluded with berembolo rolls, which was not as hard as I thought.

Tonight's Assignment - Get an A

From there we went into spider guard, where you get sleeve grips and put your feet on the distal ends of the biceps and puppet the guy in your spider guard. You can use these holds as leverage to move your hips.

You can go from there to a triangle by shooting one leg under their arm and across their back. Boom – triangle!

You can also go to the lasso, where you circle your foot outside-in and that gives you great leverage on that arm. You can pull it down while lifting their other arm high, then rock your body to give them roll-over momentum to sweep them and get on top of them in mount. Even if your lasso gives out, you can still use the free leg to trip/lever them over with the puppet arm high.

After that we rolled. I started with Jose, who got to my half guard but I used a butterfly hook to sweep him and collar choke him. Next time I swept him with the move of the day (lasso sweep) and caught him with an arm bar.

Right after that, Curtis called me out. I started in his guard, and almost passed but he defended half guard really well, eventually pushing me to turtle. He guillotined me but got my face, and pressed my bottom lip into my mouth guard and crushing the lip to a pulp. I got my head free, and he adjusted his grip and finished the choke for the tap. After that, he noticed I was bleeding and I told him how he’d done it. I started on the bottom of open guard next, and he tried to push my legs aside and pass, but I GOT A FRAME AND PREVENTED THE PASS! I grabbed his collar and kept him at bay. He ended up just pushing into my frame, so I collapsed it as I rolled under him, letting his momentum carry him over me and I got on top of side control. I was staying heavy and moving well when the time ran out.

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