805BJJ Class 92: Pendulum sweep, arm bar

Coach Greggo’s Tuesday night class was the first time I’ve done training on two consecutive days, but I felt good and enthusiastic after Monday night’s class so I was eager to get back on the mat. Warm up was typical. Then we got into the technique lesson.

First, Greggo went over the closed guard posture break, collar lift, grip, push the head through, secure the elbow grip and pull it tight. From there, you lift your hips (pushing your opponent away a little bit and pulling your head away from your elbow gripping arm) and, releasing your collar grip (which was apparently only there to control posture) you reach that hand under their legs as you pull them in toward you by squeezing your legs together.

I rolled with Leo, who got me in a wrist lock with me on top of half guard. I rolled with Ricardo, who I destroyed by sitting on his back with his belly flat on the mat. I rolled with Zack, who gave me a chance to work on some moves that I’m not doing well. Still need to work on ways to get out of the turtle quickly.

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